Agents of SHIELD


Episode Date: April 7, 2015

Episode Title: Afterlife, 2×16

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

That hour of television was spectacular.

Right off the bat; here are the things I didn’t like:

If that confuses you. I’m saying I there wasn’t thing that made me scream at the TV while watching it. SHIELD has upped its game in a big way.

At SHIELD headquarters, Robert has May as a prisoner? Questioning her about Coulson, her loyalties, and he wasnt’ very nice about it. I don’t know how May didn’t bash his head in when he called her the Calvary. But he didn’t. After Bobbi suggest taking a different tactic with her, he offers her a spot on the board. That was the smallest of the whiskey tango Foxtrot moments. Like I don’t trust you, I’m single handily breaking about your family, but join me. We’ll have fun. Seriously.

Robert, Mack and Bobbi all need Fitz and Simmons to work on opening the box that Fury gave Coulson. Simmons almost immediately decides to help. No, take that back, she offers to help after Fitz she’s he leaving. But that apparently was all in her evil genius plan. When Mack shows Fitz what Simmons has been up to, he immediately sees something. I recognized that. Mack didn’t. Next thing we know Fitz is really leaving. He confronts Simmons about her betrayal and handles the box. I somehow knew he’d swapped it. I was so glad when I saw that I was right. Because after he had packed up and left, we see him the cap and it’s very clear that he and Simmons were in cahoots and that is wonderful. I love that they have been able to reunite in the face of the new SHIELD.

Coulson and Hunter are also in cahoots. Except that is going a bit differently than either of them had planned. They steal a car, and then go to the HULK cabin in the woods. That is where they figure out what has happened to Skye. Which just hurts Coulson. I feel bad for him. All his life he’s done what is right and good. He’s been a loyal SHIELD agent and now it’s all fallen apart because Robert — who is an annoying man, great actor though — think he’s some kind of danger. But Coulson is a man with a plan. He called for reinforcements and then hits an alarm to send for SHIELD.

I have to say that bright spot of the episode and what had me laughing was the card game. I loved that trick. Also that he has a modern-day Howling commandoes kit. Seriously, where can I get one of those. I mean I don’t have HYDRA or fake SHIELD chasing me down, but it’d be cool to have.

After a few missteps and an unexpected surprise, Coulson’s backup — Deathlok shows up. Mike is back! That is awesome. I love seeing him on the good side of things. And between the three of them are able to get away. But I’m not sure where they can go to really get past this. But we know who they are seeking out–the bad option– Grant Ward. I’ll be glad to see Grant again, but seriously, Coulson is desperate if he’s going after Ward.

Now the main part of the story in 2×16 and the part most were excited to see was the Skye storyline. While it was interesting I’m still in a disbelief that this is how it’s playing out.

Being in a place, where no one knows where they are, who have to ask permission to speak to others outside. It’s weird. It’s a weird place. Then there is Luke Mitchell’s character, Lincoln. I wanted to like him. I wanted to trust him but right off the bat he lied. He lied to Skye. He didn’t tell her the full truth. He made it seem like Raina was far, far away. When that was not the case. I did love the scene between Skye and Raina. They should fight more often. But the best part of their little spat was the bombshell that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

SKYE’S Mom is ALIVE!!!!! What??? I thought Whitehall left her dead and in chunks. But no. There she was. All put together and alive. But not telling Skye their relationship. Which did strike me as funny. Though there was a heavy-handed hint. It was still odd that she didn’t say who she was. I’m sure more of that will come to light in 2×17. But seriously. Who just sees their daughter for the first time in YEARS and is like, cool, stay maybe?

I think this inhuman story has a very large well of info and things that we are just tapping into. I am curious to see how it will play out, connect into the movies, and resolve on the SHIELD. It will be interesting to see.

Those are the big things on the show, the things that I can remember and impact me in my extremely exhausted self right now. What did you think? What do you thing will be next? Let me know what you think?

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Agents of SHIELD


Episode Date: March 31st

Episode Title: One Door Closes, 2×15

Rating: AWESOME, I loved it

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

With Bobbi headed back in Coulson’s SHIELD I knew that this episode was going to be great.  I have to say that I love that I was right. Now only did we get flashbacks into the day that SHIELD fell. But we got to see how SHIELD is changing.

The flashback were awesome because not only did we see the fabulous Lucy Lawless’ Isabelle Hartley again, we see how BA she, Mack and Bobbi are.  I loved the flashbacks.  I really liked how they were scattered throughout the episode.  The whole two stories in one is always fun for me. To see how they formed their SHIELD was good, but it doesn’t matter to me the reasons behind their SHIELD.

I want to say that I believe Jemma Simmons is broken.  I think things with her has been since she was dumped off the plane by Ward.  So I do believe that she truly only wants to help Skye, but for her the answer is science, and returning her to her human self.  But because Fitz has been broken in his own way, he sees what Simmons is doing to Skye as bad.  I think the difference in Fitz and Simmons and why they are on two different sides when it comes to Skye.  But they both love her and I know that Skye sees that.

Now seeing May and Bobbi fight was awesome.  They are both ladies who are great at fighting.  They both 100% believe if what they are doing. I really hate that Bobbi used a dirty trick to get the upper hand.  But I believe with my whole heart that she really had no intent to May or anyone else working with Coulson.

Now that Bobbi has told May that there are two SHIELD I’m curious to see how  this will play out in future episodes.

When Jemma came across Bobbi, I was worried about the outcome.  But I was so glad of the outcome that was favorable.  That Jemma was able to use science to hold Bobbi so that May and Coulson could find out more information.

So when Mack and Fitz crossed paths, I just knew that we couldn’t have two good outcomes back to back.  But when Mack saved him from the explosion, by jumping on him and getting away from the blast.  I was happy.  I knew that Mack cared, but this isnt’ the first time that Fitz has trusted someone and been betrayed.

Which is basically what happened after the blast happened.  Gonzales’ SHIELD took over Coulson’s base.  This left me angry.  What made me more upset was the fact that he’s looking for Skye.

I loved that Fitz and Simmons had the moment where she reached for his hand.  No matter how strained that relationship, they still deeply care for each other.

What confuses me is why Robert Gonzales is so bothered by the fact that Fury brought him back from the dead.  That for some reason he’s dangerous because of this fact.  Yes, Coulson had the funny language that led him to the city, but that seems to be gone since they have found the city.

I hate to admit it, Gonzales seems to have a very good point.  But I’m a loyal fan to Coulson.  So, while he makes a good point, he’s still wrong.

May entering the way she did, saving Coulson and getting him out was perfect.  Fury chose Phil Coulson.  No matter the reason, he did that.  No matter how Fury ran SHIELD, it’s Coulson’s now.  This SHIELD and Gonzales will just have to get on board with that program.

But now to Skye.  I hate that she’s all alone in that cabin.  I understand why, but if that were me, I’d be so lonely.  Watching her put the gloves on was sad, I want her to embrace her new path, not hide from it.  Meeting Gordon was interesting.  It was nice to see her talking about her gift.  I like that Gordon has given her a new viewpoint on her powers.  Sadly, SHIELD did not do that.  I like that he’s offering her a new way.  But I also hate that, because it means leaving SHIELD behind.  Watching her choose to take the gloves off and then finding joy and goodness in what she can do was so heartwarming.

When I first started watching SHIELD, she was the baby, the one I loved the most.  Orphan, no home, criminal background.  I wanted to see her thrive and survive.  Seeing her have that moment was so good.

When May got the call through to her I was so happy.  To think she was being hunted by the very organization that she calls family; is just wrong.   So when she called for Gordon and left, I was heartbroken, but I understood it.  She has been betrayed.  She’s scared of what she’s become and she wants answers. It makes sense.

Finally, that little ending where Hunter met up with Coulson was perfect. I can’t wait to see what will happen tonight on the all new episode.  I’m excited to see how Coulson recovers this mess.  How Skye learns to be Quake and how things will progress.

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Agent Carter


Episode Date: February 17, 2015

Episode Title: Snafu

Rating: LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


At the end of A Sin to Err, Peggy Carter was arrested by the SSR, taken into custody, and thought to be a traitor in the worst way.  So with that piece of information alone, I knew that Snafu would be a great episode.  What I didn’t expect was how they would leave me begging for more.  By the end of the hour, I was completely needing more time.  So lets talk about the hour that was Snafu.

We all knew that the doctor from the Russian rescue was bad news, from A Sin to Err.  But the opening scene for this week just proved how much and just what he could do.  I went from worried, to pure terrified.  What will this doctor do our SSR team?  How will he use his powers against them?  By the end, we saw it was for nothing but his and Leviathans own gain.  But we can talk about that more later.

The integration scenes were incredible.  The way the crew cut the scenes together, the actors were flawless, but at the end, Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter was perfect.  The way she defended herself and put each of the agents in their place was perfect.  I think that Sousa making it seem like Peggy is more than a common whore is low.  Which I’m so glad that Peggy puts him in his place.

Jarvis, just waltzing in to the SSR headquarters was just pure gold.  I guessed that he was just making it up as he went, but I think that speaks volumes to his loyalty.  Jarvis would rather risk himself to save Carter.  While it seems that, this is the easiest way to get Carter out of the line of prosecution.  But in the end, it didn’t matter.  She was still able to convince Jack finally that what she was saying was true.

In the end, Peggy is able to convince the men of the SSR—Dooley, Jack and Sousa—that she is telling the truth.  She has to give up Steve’s blood in order to convince them.  But she does.  It’s heartbreaking when she’s giving them the last remaining part of Steve.  While we know he’s okay now, she doesn’t know that.  She is giving away the love of her life.  That is what it takes to make Jack and Sousa at least check into what she is saying.

Dottie and her evil doings were evil and brilliant.  I hate to call Dottie brilliant, but she seems to be the complete equal to Peggy.  And that in fact makes her brilliant.  She knows how to play everyone around her.   She had Peggy convinced she was just a girl from the Midwest.  The ways she plays each and every person shows what a devious spy she is.  What she did at the movie theater was horrendous.  Horrendous.  To say I’m excited for the next episode is wrong, I’m very intrigued by it, but I don’t want to see how far she is willing to go.  It will be great to see Peggy and Dottie in a show down.  The show down of last night between Dottie and the SSR team was impressive.  I don’t know what Sousa though when she scaled down the stairs.

Oh, Dooley.  I think that his character has been a needed bad guy.  He runs a bullpen, trying to get things solved.  Seeing how Peggy is coming into his man worlds and it’s unsettling for him.  Now no matter how much I didn’t like his character, it doesn’t mean that I was ready to see him go down like that.  I knew the doctor was bad news, but to see what he did to Chief Dooley was unspeakable.  But in those final moments, his actions were so admirable.  He was able to tell Jack and Peggy what they needed to know had happened.  How the doctor was able to use him to get what he need.

Any person knowing that their final moments are upon them, they will take the time to send messages to those they love.  But for me what really stood out, was how he looks at Peggy and said, “atta girl.”  For me what that meant, was he validated her and her actions.  He took the time to make it right with her.  Also in that moment, he seemed to be asking her to avenge his death.  To get the people who caused it.  It seemed like the perfect way to go out.  To watch him die like that was horrible.  But to know that he took the time to make it right and send his love to his family made it a bit easier to take.

I felt so badly for Peggy when she began to blame herself.  It made me flash to after Bucky was killed in Captain America the First Avenger.  The good guy is always feel so badly, about what has happened.  It always cuts them so deeply that they believe it is all on them.

This episode was so good, and so powerful.  It makes me so sad that there is only one more this season.  While a second season hasn’t been confirmed, I’m so hopeful that one will happen.  Remember that the ratings have not been specular.  So watching OnDemand or on Hulu is what you need to do, for it to count.




This review is also posted on:  (A fansite I run.)


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Story Time


Army Wives/Agents of SHIELD

January 28, 2015

Story Time

So I’m re-watching Army Wives.  It’s something I do on Netflix while I’m doing other Internet tasks.  When boom a familiar face shows up.   It’s Brett Dalton, who plays Grant Ward on the ABC show “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.”  AOS is a show that I run a website for.  ( So seeing his face was a big time shock!  brett dalton

Immediately I paused it, did a screen shot and just had to do a story time post.  So if I recall right, he’s the bad guy in this episode. Bad guy with a sweet face.  AOS casting really hit the mark on it’s job.

It’s really amazing what you find when you go back and watch things again.

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Katie Holmes returning to TV with big Showtime role

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=” ” credit=”getty” align=”none”]Katie Holmes is returning to TV to join the third season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan.

Marking her first major series commitment since her breakthrough role on teen drama Dawson’s Creek, Holmes is set to appear in a season-long arc as a “shrewd and chic businesswoman and the daughter of a billionaire producer (played by another recent major hire for the drama series — acclaimed actor Ian McShane) who enlists fixer Ray’s (Liev Schreiber) services.

Holmes had a small-screen role in the 2011 cable miniseries The Kennedys and is known for film roles like The Ice Storm and Batman Begins. Ray Donovan is now Showtime’s second most-watched series after Homeland and is expected to return this summer.

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‘How to Get Away with Murder': The investigation begins

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Mitch Haaseth/ABC” align=”left”]

Sam’s dead missing.

When How to Get Away with Murder returns, the investigation into Sam’s (Tom Verica) disappearance has begun. Everyone who wasn’t present on murder night believes he’s gone on the lam since he was thisclose to being outed as Lila’s killer. Little do the police know that Sam is actually dead.

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‘X-Men’ TV series may come to Fox

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”” align=”none”]Could Fox have a Gotham / X-Men block next fall? Perhaps. The network is in early talks to develop an X-Men TV series, but the deal is far from done.

EW confirmed that discussions are underway for a small-screen version of the mutant franchise, with THR adding (unconfirmed) that Star Trek 3 writers Patrick McKay and JD Payne would pen the script and 24 veterans Evan Katzand Manny Coto have been lined up as producers.

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‘Agent Carter’ bosses answer burning questions

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Matt Kennedy/ABC” align=”left”]

Now that Peggy Carter has tracked down Howard Stark’s “baby babies”—aka his stolen inventions, most of which could probably level a city block if not threaten the world—what’s next for Marvel’s Agent Carter? EW caught up with executive producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to ask some burning questions:

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Girl Meets World First Look: Has Shawn Found His New Angela?

Originally posted on TVLine:

Love is in the air on Friday’s Girl Meets World (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c) — at least Cory and Riley hope it is when they scheme to set Shawn up on a date with Maya’s mom.

[pmc-related-link href=”” type=”RELATED” target=”self”]Girl Meets World First Look: Eric and Cory Reunite in Season 2 Set Photo[/pmc-related-link]

TVLine has a pair of exclusive shots from tomorrow’s episode, appropriately titled “Girl Meets Master Plan,” in which Team Matthews attempts to play matchmaker. But why is Maya tied up in the second photo? Could she be trying to put a stop to her mother’s rendezvous with Shawn?

Also, question for the group: Do we like the idea of Shawn dating Maya’s mom — and potentially becoming her stepfather down the line — or are we still holding out hope for an appearance from Angela?

[pmc-related-link href=”” type=”RELATED” target=”self”]Girl Meets World Recap: The Curious Case of Shawn…

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‘Baby Daddy’ stars to crossover to ‘General Hospital’

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Bruce Birmelin/ABC Family” align=”left”]

Kelly Monaco won’t be the only one having crossover fun this winter. As EWfirst announced, the General Hospital star will be crossing over to Baby Daddy playing an exaggerated version of herself, but now we can exclusively reveal that some of the Baby Daddy cast will return the favor by appearing on the ABC soap.

Derek Theler and Melissa Peterman, who play Danny and Bonnie Wheel on the ABC Family series, will make their way to Port Charles for the Valentine’s Day-themed episode. Here’s the scoop:

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