Girl Meets World


Episode Date:  10-10-14

Episode Title: The Forgotten 1×12

Rating: LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I’ve like the whole season of Girl Meets World.  I’ve been impressed with the lessons and the way the show has been putting down roots.  Episode 1×12 “The Forgotten,” was the best one the show has had this season and it may have been the best episode of any show I’ve seen all week.  Not only did it move me to tears, it lead to a long conversation with my daughter and her thanking me the way Riley did with Topanga.  It had an amazing lesson that worked in real life.

Backing up for a second, a very unappreciative Riley was taking her mom for granted and not listening. It moved into her and Maya not being appreciative for the things that were done for them at school.  The plot was easy to predict. It was clear the group would have to work at the jobs they weren’t appreciating and would learn the lesson and be changed.  The characters didn’t “get it” at first, but once they did, they seemed to value what they learned.

Outside of the serious lesson, there were some hilarious moments, such as Riley thinking The Great Depression and The Grand Canyon were the same thing.  Then there was the vomit.  Since we never saw it, it was funny.  The best and funniest part of the episode was when Janitor Harley, Keiner, called Cory “Baboon.”  As a fan of” Boy Meets World,” it was a glorious moment for me.  I hope we have many more encounters with Cory’s childhood bully.

I was glad this episode aired.  I’m sure the writers will continue giving the audience amazing episodes that will teach the children of today lessons they aren’t learning elsewhere. I’m glad Michael Jacobs and April Kelly came back to work in the “World” genre because I think it’s very important for children to have an age appropriate, wholesome show to watch  If you haven’t seen the episode go to Disney, YouTube, On Demand etc., to watch it.

I’m watching. Are you?

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Episode Date: Sept 24, 2014

Episode Title: That’s Me without You

Rating: Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Well, after the finale of marriage proposals and break up, I knew the premiere would be full of consequences.

Before we talk about the storylines, I have to say I loved the live performances. They were amazing. They brought a cool feature to the show.  I hope more things like this will happen.

Now, onto the storylines.

First, let’s talk about Will and Layla.  Layla was not okay after the bombshell Will dropped on her in the finale.  You could see it in her body language. She’s devastated because she was a pawn in his cover game.  I didn’t blame her.

Maddie was in the middle of the Deacon, Rayna and Luke’s love triangle. This was a horrible place for a teenage girl to be in.  She of course wanted her parents to marry.  She might like Luke, but children want their parents together, typically. The way she treated Teddy was horrible.  I think it made her seem like a spoiled brat.  He held tightly onto her, causing her to push back, but she should have had more respect for the man who raised her.

I felt sorry for Avery and Juliette.  Juliette made a stupid, horrible mistake.  She’s the queen at doing that.  She was honest with Avery about her cheating and wanted him to be with her. She didn’t want to be alone.  The scene, in which she told him that, broke my heart.  She has had her life put tipped upside down more than any other character.  She’s been hurt by people whom should’ve known better, but that that doesn’t excuse her bad behavior.

Avery’s reaction was normal.  It made sense for him to push away. I want the two of them to work things out.  I like them together, especially since Juliette is having Avery’s baby. I have to be honest though, it made me laugh that he decided to run away with Scarlett.  His drunken butt made the road trip hysterical.

The baby storyline was easy to see coming. Since we all know that in real life, Hayden Panettiere is pregnant, the show wrote it in.  Now I know she slept with Fordham, and it’s going to be assumed his.  However, in terms of the show, that was about three days ago and you don’t know you’re pregnant that quickly. I speak from experience.  So, logically, this baby is Avery’s.

I knew Scarlett wouldn’t leave Nashville.  Okay, maybe not knew, but hoped.  Clare Bowen brings so much to the character, so to lose her on the show would be downright stupid.  When Gunnar popped up in her car, it was nothing short of funny.  I think with all the other heavy stuff in the episode, this scene was written for comic relief.  Between Gunnar being kidnapped, Avery being drunk, and Scarlett dealing with her car and the boys, it made for some hilarious moments.  I’m so glad she turned back and went home.  Home is where she belongs.  While I have no idea what will be next for her, it will be fun to see her character bloom even more.

Now with Rayna and Deacon and Luke’s love triangle.  Well, it’s typical stuff.  I know as fan of Deacon, I wanted her to choose him.  But I know for the purposes of the show, she had to choose Luke.  In the hours leading up to her choice, Luke punched Deacon. I loved how the episode did the timeline, in order to make her “hard choice” more dramatic.  I knew from the start she’d choose Luke.  He’s always been a pillar for her, and we know from the past, she’ll choose the pillar over the wild card.  It’s what she did with Teddy and Deacon.  She likes to feel secure. What person doesn’t?  However, I wanted her to see that Deacon has changed, that he’s a new man.

I do have to say, the very end, where she gets out of the car, and Luke lit up to see that she chose him, was really cute and sweet.  Anyone could see just how much Luke loves Rayna.  I wonder how this will proceed because no matter how much Rayna loves Luke, she still loves Deacon too.  I personally don’t think he will give up easily, either.

I’m watching. Are you?

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Episode Date: 5.14.15

Episode Title: The other hand

Rating: Like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I went to watch the season premiere of the show and realized that somehow I’d missed the season finale.  Thank God I still had it on DVR, so I could get caught up!  While this wasn’t a huge and shocking revelation-type episode, it was still great.

Jeff Fordham was still at war with Rayna. He’s attacking her in ways she isn’t even aware of.  He got her knocked off her GMA appearance, during her launch week.  He was trying to blackmail Juliette into breaking her contract because they slept together.  Juliette is the queen of making bad choices.  She tore herself in knots about Avery finding out.  She didn’t want to lose him, because he’s the best man she’s ever had.

In a different storyline, Scarlett decided she could no longer be in Nashville, and to go back to school. Ole Miss is the last place she felt at home at.  Before she left, her and most of the Deacon’s friends and family attended Deacon’s charity event for a recovery center, where Juliette, showed up drunk and Rayna saw her.

When Rayna confronted her afterward, Juliette had no choice but to tell her everything. The two women, who are almost friends, had a long talk. Afterward, Juliette was prepared to tell Avery about Jeff, but he already knew.  That conversation was hard to watch.  Avery tore her apart, saying how she doesn’t even know what love is.  As bad as I felt for Avery, I felt worse for her.  She is hot mess.  She always had been on this show.  I wanted things in her life to change.  There needs to be some character growth. It can’t be the same thing every time.

I really don’t like the characters of Will and Layla and I’m not a fan of their storyline.  I hate that he married her, knowing he doesn’t love her in a wifely way.  Will is gay, though he’s not ready for the world to know and took great strides to hide it.  I also don’t like the reality show storyline, mostly because I’m not a fan of reality T.V.

The only part of Will’s storyline I like is his good friendship with Gunnar.  I think that might be the healthiest relationship on the show.  They tell each other the truth, they accept each other for who they are.  That might be why Will finally came clean with Layla.  But the hidden camera in the clock meant this will come back to haunt him.

As the episode progressed, Rayna won the war against Jeff. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Her launch at LP Stadium was a hit.  The duet between Rayna and Luke became something so much more.  During the encore, Luke stopped the show to propose.  As a fan of the show, I’m not surprised.  As a “shipper” of Deacon and Rayna, I’m not happy she said, “Yes.”  I wasn’t the only one.  The expressions on Maddie’s and Daphne’s faces really said all I was thinking. “What? Why? No!”

As the show jumped away from a romance coming together, and to a romance falling apart, I was sad.  When Avery confronted Juliette about her cheating, the emotion was raw.  My heart ached knowing what that girl had been through.  Her explanation of why she did it, was sad.  It made sense, but it wasn’t a good reason to hurt Avery.  The scene was followed by Gunnar and Scarlett singing a haunting, beautiful song that played with my emotions.

The final scene, between Deacon and Rayna, was great!  Not the most original way to end a season, with dueling marriage proposals, but I loved it.  The fact that he didn’t want the answer right at that moment, said a lot about his personal character growth.  I’m not sure which way she’ll go.  But I’m ready to watch the season premier.  I hope it’s as good as this episode was.  I’m watching (late).  Are you?

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD


Episode Date: 9.23.14

Episode Title: Shadows

Rating: LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Let’s flashback to Season One.  When the show was first being advertised I personally thought this show was going to be fun, exciting and entertaining.  What I did not expect was that I’d fall so in love with it that I’d end up being a webmaster on it’s fan site.  That was something I never saw coming.  But it wasn’t the only thing I wouldn’t see coming.  I wouldn’t see the ending of the season two premiere or the devastation that would creep into my heart about it.

Yes, Agents of Shield broke my heart.  No it wasn’t the death of guest star Lucy Lawless.  Nor was it the broken relationship of SHIELD couple skyward.  Coulson visible stress wasn’t enough to do it either.  What broke my heart was Fitz.  At the end of season one we only knew he was alive.  I think a comatose Fitz would have been an easier story than the one I watch unfolded on 9/25 2×1 episode.  But easy isn’t what the writers have in store, easy isn’t what we love.  But more on Fitz later.

I knew the flashback was going to be a part of the episode, I didn’t know that it was going to set up the enemy for the time being.  As the Kraken was introduced in the flashback as original SHIELD agent Peggy Carter with Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita infiltrated the last Hydra camp that they knew of.  Their team took charge of artifacts that Hydra was using in evil ways.  Dr. Whitehall was taken into custody.

I loved this scene.  There was just this look of pride on Peggy’s face when she said this was the last known Hydra facility.  Like she’d finally closed this chapter, and avenged Steve.  I hope that is the kind of work we can expect from Agent Carter.

Then the showed jumped to current day.  Where a darker Skye appears in the midst of a  mission.  Her, May and Trip are watching Izzy and Lance Hunter but intelligence on a level ten artifact. But before the deal could be completed a third party interfered with deal and killed former shield agent Browning.

I won’t lie, I was confused for the first few scenes.  Who’s good? Who’s bad?  The answers weren’t very clear.  Maybe this was on purpose, to show how the world is changed for Coulson, and the team.  But it quickly becomes clear that Izzy is loyal to Coulson. So, she’s alright in my book.

This sets up the storyline for the episode, the team chasing the artifact and looking for the third party.  Quickly we learn that this third party is Carl Creel, aka absorbing man.   He can take in any material and become it to do with as needed.  This makes him an opponent that is a huge challenge.

I’m sure by now, we’ve all watched the episode a few times now, so we all know what happened.  But I have to say I loved the relationships; both the old and the new.  Especially Coulson and May; they work so well together.  I was taken by surprised when Izzy grabbed the artifact from the beginning of the episode.  I wasn’t expecting for things to turn so badly so quickly. I also didn’t expect Coulson to seem to not care.  When they went into the facility to retrieve it, they also had a mission to get the plane.  When Izzy became compromised he ordered the team to continue on the mission.  I really loved this character growth  between agent who didn’t have to make the hard choice, but the right choice and director who had to make the hard choice, no matter what is right.  The team was able to get what they needed, but at a price.

Skyward was reunited for a few brief moments.  I loved and hated these scenes.  I hated seeing how low Ward has fell.  Hearing him describe how low he’s felt and what he’s done to himself.  I hated seeing this couple that I loved last season stand there and just be so cold with each other.  I loved the emotions that the scene made me feel.  The fact that Skye’s face fell when she saw his scars. But he stiff defense against his love for her.  I loved how May was so against it.  That she was being a momma bear.  I also loved that when it was over I wanted more.  Especially when he made the comment about Skye’s father.

Talbot is the only other thing I want  to talk about, before Fitz.  I loved the way Coulson played him.  First I really got a kick out of George Stephanopoulos cameo.  I watch him every morning on GMA and to see him on my favorite show was pretty great.  But Talbot is one of those characters that you love to hate.  Him and Coulson’s interaction in the “honeycomb kill” room was nothing short of brilliant.  Because they used him and made him give them exactly what they wanted.  It was awesome.  My favorite part was when Coulson was literally putting words in his mouth and said, “Talbot out.”

The whole episode we see Fitz with Simmons while no one else seems to speak to her directly, there is nothing really off about that.  A lot of the team refers to them as one.  Its only at the end when Coulson is doing his narration, when it’s revealed Simmons isn’t there, that she of doing something else. That is when my heart shattered, poor Fitz it’s broken, hallucinating Simmons because he needs her so much.   I didn’t cry, but I wanted to.  That was so sad.  Coulson says Fitz  was too badly damaged and when Simmons left he was just broken.  I don’t know how this will turn around, but if they can bring Coulson back from the dead, they need to be able to fix Fitz. End of story, I can’t take the heartbreak any longer.

Overall, I loved the episode.  There was action, shock, heartbreak and some really comical moments.  The end is what sealed the episode for me.  The voice over provided by Coulson, just really showed the “shadowdy” season.  I’m looking forward to the next episode.  What are your thoughts?  I’m watching are you?

For more information check out the fan site I run:

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Episode Date: 9.29.14

Episode Title: Driven, 7×1

Rating: Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

“Castle” has been hit or miss.  Not in my dislike for it, but rather if I’m going to watch it or not.  In fact, I completely missed the season finale.  I know they were getting married and something was going to happen, but I didn’t know what happened or how it would affect the new season.  So when I finished watching one of my guilty pleasures (“Dancing with the Stars”) and it started, I was like, “Okay, I’ll watch.”

The first few seconds had me hooked. I don’t think I could have stopped watching if I wanted to.  Watching Beckett cry and try to reach into the car whilst in flames, was heartbreaking.  I can’t explain it any other way.  Stana Katic is amazing.  Her emotions seeped from the screen and permeated into my living room. Her feeling the need to do something resonated with me.

So here is the case of the episode: Castle was grabbed and the detectives have no idea why. It was clear that something terrible happened.  An SUV banged his car, drove back and forth, as seen by a roadside fruit salesman.  Castle wasn’t in the car as it burned, but as Beckett pointed out, it could be anyone for any reason.  Once the FBI got involved, all I could think about is the fact that Agent Connors is the actor that plays Kevin on “General Hospital.”

I understood the need for Beckett to act out her stress, but the way she treated that thug wasn’t something I enjoyed.  I can’t really say it’s completely out of character, but I do know I didn’t like it.  It seemed too brutal. I know it could have been worse, but still.  I was glad she was called on it.

As the details started to come in, it appeared this case had connections to the mob.  Apparently, there is a Jersey mob guy who had the thug from the junk yard crush the SUV. Why? A client needed it done.  So who was the client? Well, it appeared to be Castle himself.  Why would Castle do this?  Now it’s just a, “Crap, I’m confused.” moment.

Obviously, a lot of questions are running through my mind: Is Castle really in on this?  Is there more to this?  Does he not want to marry Beckett?  Agent Connors thought Castle did this and there wasn’t anything more, but I knew there had to be. Beckett agreed with me and wouldn’t let it go.  Time passed.  In TV when time passes, there are only a few correct ways to do it, and this episode did it beautifully.  It used newspaper clippings to mark the time.  It was sad seeing Beckett collect these clippings, but it was a good use.

After two months, Castle was finally found, in a boat.  How weird was that? He was 80 miles off the coast of Delaware, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  How did he end up there?  Well, that answer wasn’t quickly forthcoming, since Castle was unconscious.

I loved how Beckett was like a madwoman on the hunt for him, but she froze when she saw him.  That was kind of an emotional moment for me.  I wanted to know what happened to him.

Esposito’s and Ryan’s bickering match that Beckett overheard was intense, but Beckett was right. Until they knew what was going on, they had to treat him as a victim. The three detectives go to work.

The evidence was staggering. It really did seem like Castle was mixed up in something bad.  Another witness, Henry Jenkins, said he saw Castle camping on the beach.  Castle’s tux, watch, shoes, fingerprints were all there, as well as newspapers. However, he never tried to get help.

It looked like Castle just walked away from his whole life, all the while saying he didn’t remember what happened after the car crash.  Beckett lost faith in Castle, and honestly, I think I did, too. When Beckett questioned him, he was confused.  He demanded to see where this alleged tent was set up.  When they got there, nothing sparked his memory.

That’s when things got even more complicated. The witness, who claimed to see Castle camping, disappeared and was replaced with the real Henry Jenkins, in the last five minutes of the episode. Who was the imposter?

Is this a set up or is this Castle leaving and coming back and lying to the people who care about him the most?  I lost my faith in him, but he’s talking a good talk.

This mystery changed everything.  This was a great way for the season to start.  I like the mystery that has been set up, and the hunt for the truth.  I hope they don’t drag it out too long.  That can’t be all this season is about. I’m watching. Are you?

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Episode Date: 10.5.14

Episode Title: White Out, 4×2

I’m posting today because this promotional photo is out for the next episode of OUAT and I’m just very confused by Charming’s hair.  I don’t tend to post anything on here but reviews, but this one just had to be shared.  Sundays’ upcoming episode should be interesting based on this one photo alone.  I can’t wait to see it.

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Everything you need to know about ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="" credit="Eike Schroter/ABC" align="left"]

Expectations for the upcoming fourth season of Once Upon a Time have never been higher.

After three seasons of introducing various fairy tale figures from years past—including characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and even The Wizard of Oz—the ABC drama is tapping into a property that was released less than a year ago: The highly popular Frozen.

When Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) returned from their time-traveling journey to the past in the season 3 finale, they unknowingly brought along a stowaway from Rumplestiltskins’s (Robert Carlyle) vault: Frozen‘s ice queen Elsa (Georgina Haig), who made a chilling entrance before closing out the third season.

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‘Revenge’ star Emily VanCamp teases ‘hilarious’ relationship with Daniel in season 4

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="" credit="Danny Feld/ABC" align="left"]

For Revenge fans who watched that season 3 finale and yelled at your TV some variation of “what the hell?”, you’re not alone: Star Emily VanCamp had the same reaction.

When VanCamp talked to EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham about the ABC retribution drama’s fourth season which kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. she said season 3’s revelation that David Clarke was, after all this time, alive was a decision former showrunner Mike Kelley was “absolutely” against.

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‘Once Upon a Time’ postmortem: Rumple finds a surprising Disney icon

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="" credit="Katie Yu/Getty " align="left"]

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Once Upon a Time’s season four premiere. Read at your own risk.

Move over, Frozen: Once Upon a Time has introduced yet another Disney property into the mix.

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‘Family Guy,’ ‘Once Upon’ get big return ratings

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="" credit="" align="none"]Sunday night had two much-anticipated premieres with major brand cross-over elements and both stunts paid off big time: There was Fox’s Family Guy crossing over with longtime animated frenemy The Simpsons in a one-hour episode at 9 p.m., and the fourth season return of Once Upon a Time introducing its arc based on the Disney hit Frozen at 8 p.m.

Both shows jumped in the ratings compared to last fall, with Fox’s animated series coming out on top: Family Guy (8.4 million, 4.5 rating among adults 18-49) bounced a whopping 73 percent from last season’s premiere and ranked as the night’s No. 1 entertainment program. This is Family Guy‘s biggest rating in four years (here’s our take on the crossover). While Once Upon (9.3 million, 3.4) spiked an impressive 31 percent from last fall to mark its best ratings in nearly two years.


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