Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


Episode Date:  4.8.14

Episode Title: Turn, Turn, Turn


Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

This episode makes me anxious. I know everything for “S.H.I.E.L.D.” will change. I’ve had the privilege of seeing “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” so whatever is going to happen in this hour is going to be big.

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” doesn’t disappoint. In “Turn, Turn, Turn,” Coulson has to deal with May. She honestly has no idea what’s going on, other than she’s reporting to Fury on Coulson’s mental state. While that truth has terminal consequences on their friendship by the end of the episode, Coulson still considers her an ally.

While May comes clean to Coulson, we discover she basically cherry-picks the team. I think May is the Maria Hill counterpart on the show. She’s an agent who Fury can rely on and trust. However, May isn’t in the inner circle on his death.

The craziness begins when S.H.I.E.L.D. is destroyed and Hydra (a secret organization thought to be defeated) is revealed. Hydra agents are coming out of the wood work and the few good S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are left wondering whom can they trust?

The one person I don’t think we can trust makes me feel incredibly guilty. Victoria Hand seems to be the source of all the bad for Coulson and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team, but in the end she’s the person who seems to be the most honest. I hate how her story progresses tonight. I couldn’t believe she’s killed. Worse yet, how she’s killed.

As Hydra agents reveal themselves, Garrett is backed into a corner and makes a stupid mistake, admitting something he isn’t supposed to. Garrett is Hydra. Ward wants to make him pay, be the one to turn the key. That should send up the red flags, but I’m blindsided when Ward pulls the gun, killing Hand and her good S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and leaving Ward and Garrett hailing Hydra. This can only lead to something bad. I have hope Ward is playing double team or something. Being on a mission to infiltrate and feed information back to someone.

Our core agents are left intact. Coulson, May, Skye, Fitz and Simmons are good, safe and left standing to pick up the pieces. The rest of the agents are either being caged, on the run, or proudly announcing their Hydra affiliation. However, Ward is compromised, and Coulson doesn’t know. I worry about how this will play out for our agents. This is an incredible hour of TV. The episode is intense and wonderful.

I’m watching, are you?

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Episode Date:  4.2.14

Episode Title: Austin City Limits

Rating: I Can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


“Revolution” is super crazy and heart breaking, since someone dies. Who could it be?  I had my money on Gene or Jason and I was right. Jason is killed off and the manner in which it happens is awful.

At the end of the last episode Monroe, discovers the Patriots are on their way to Texas to kill President Carver, so of course Miles, Monroe and company decide to stop them.  But before they can make a move, Jason holds Connor hostage and wants to change sides.  Jason discovers he too is brainwashed by the Patriots and he doesn’t want to be used. After bickering with Tom, Jason runs to Miles.

While Charlie, Monroe, and Miles don’t necessarily trust Jason, they take him to Texas with them because he is a valuable source of information.  Since they don’t trust him, Jason is kept in handcuffs. However, he soon proves his worth and his handcuffs get taken off. Charlie even goes as far as saying she trusts Jason, which is sort of big. At the top of the episodes she is one of the loudest voices saying not to trust Jason. Due to Jason’s time with the patriots, he knows how they act and plan, helping Miles and crew sneak around landmines and traps.

Once in Texas, Miles and Monroe find an old enemy. General Frank Blanchard is a big adversary for the Monroe Republic because everyone should be against the Patriots. Miles and Monroe are willing to put their differences aside to stand together. Blanchard is one of the first targets for the Patriots and Miles and Monroe attempt to save his life. They find him in a brothel and after speaking with him, he accepts their assistance.  Their plan is excellent. The boys are not on top of things and Blanchard is killed by his “lady friend” who is actually a Patriot complete with the Patriot tattoo from Willoughby.  Moments after Blanchard is murdered, the Texans rush in and find Miles and Monroe standing over the body. Once again, Monroe has to pull a Batman and make a quick escape.

The next day is the Big Texan ceremony. New recruits are formalized into the Texas marshals. One of the new recruits is a familiar face. Surprise! It’s the Patriot kid Miles didn’t kill because of Rachel. Seriously now, let’s take a moment. We all knew this would come back to bite him in the butt. Now this kid is in prime position to commit an assassination of the President.  This is why you have to put emotions aside when you’re in war. Monroe says they’re all someone’s child, Hitler was someone’s child. Those kids are soldiers and war is a tough business.  In the moment, Miles lets the boy go to show how much he loves Rachel. However, that’s over, it’s war now and that boy has to die.

While Monroe and crew search for other Patriots, one of the worst possible scenarios happens. A Patriot disguised as a Texan activates Jason and his brainwashing takes control.  He’s no longer the sweet son of Tom and Julia. He’s a Patriot and trained killer. It isn’t bad enough that Jason is activated. Charlie has to see Jason walking away.  In that moment, I believe the entire “Revolution” fandom holds their breath, because I do. One of two outcomes is possible: Charlie or Jason will die.

Overall, the episode moves fast and is action-packed. For the last 10 minutes everything slows down, Miles and crew notice Patriots and Charlie follows Jason. It becomes so intense my heart races. I think Charlie realizes Jason is activated because she’s being cautious. Patriot Jason does what he’s trained to do and attacks Charlie, making it come to kill or be killed. Watching Jason and Charlie fight is heartbreaking. Jason is the boy Charlie kind of falls in love with and has the sweet battle-ridden love. Now he’s coming at her throat.

Meanwhile at the celebration, Miles draws his gun before the kid has time to draw his. The kid from Willoughby dies. Charlie and Jason fight it out. After Charlie begs Jason to be himself, she’s forced into pulling the trigger that is Jason’s death sentence. If you followed my live tweeting, you know I called foreshadowing the moment Jason is on screen. Still, watching life fade out of his eyes is heart-wrenching and depressing.

We have the Aaron and Priscilla storyline as well this episode. While it’s superb, it doesn’t create the crazy, emotional response Jason’s death does. I do want to note that Priscilla is being run by the Nano. Mind boggling! I don’t understand the science of the Nano and in some ways, I don’t want to. However, to know Priscilla chooses to live in the 2014’s electric world shows what a weak spirit she has. It seems as if she’s not mentally strong enough to survive in the non-electric world.

This episode couldn’t be any crazier, and I can’t imagine what will happen next week. I’m watching. Are you?


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Agents Of SHIELD


Episode Date: 4.1.14

Episode Title: End of the Beginning

Rating: OMG I can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Agents Coulson and Skye have a mystery to solve and May speaks to someone via a secret encrypted line. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents chase after The Clairvoyant and Deathlok makes an appearance.

In “End of the Beginning,” the agents hold unconventional meetings with the big-wigs of S.H.I.E.L.D., after Agents Garrett and Triplett have another run in with Deathlok. Coulson wants to allow Skye to have high-class Intel to set up missions in an attempt to trick and capture The Clairvoyant. While there is some hesitation with the agents we don’t normally see, Skye is now an official Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., badge and all. I for one can’t wait to see her pull out when she needs to.

However, the new title is small potatoes compared to everything else in the episode. Using Skye’s idea of a double-blind mission, the agents are sent into the field in random pairs. These random pairs don’t seem all that random to me, but I love them. May being sent with Agent Blake is perfection, Garrett and Coulson is hilarious and Ward with Triplett is sheer genius. The wit and banter between the characters is great. However, as our agents arrive at the location of the possible suspects, things aren’t quite right. Most of the locations are abandoned and suddenly Deathlok appears where May and Blake are. Deathlok attacks and Agent Blake goes down.

Agent Blake shoots at Deathlok before going down, and because of how he shoots him, it makes it possible for S.H.I.E.L.D. to track Deathlok. Those actions lead S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to an abandoned racetrack, where Deathlok is located. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, lead by Garrett and Coulson, deploy to the racetrack and begin searching for Deathlok, who soon makes his presence known as he begins firing at the agents.

As the episode progresses, my stress level increases. I’m not sure what direction we’re headed. When Carlson and Garrett figure out someone else is at the racetrack, it feels too easy.  But there he is, The Clairvoyant, confined to a chair but looking dangerous. For once, I want it to be easy.

Thomas Nash, a.k.a. The Clairvoyant, sits there in his arrogance, taunting Colson and Ward about their team, talking about Skye bleeding to death in his arms. This creates an emotional response from Ward, who simply shoots the man in cold blood. However, this man says Skye will die, and his team will hurt. Agent Ward can’t have that. The moment is a simple, cut-and-dry. The Clairvoyant is dead. Coulson is a good agent, so he knows better. I appreciate Agent Coulson for going with his gut. It makes for him a better agent.

Back on the bus, when Coulson and Skye discuss the events, they start putting the pieces together. Making Skye a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is the best thing that’s happened on the show. She can now use her hacking skills and clearance to probably figure any puzzle out.  Finally, they figure out The Clairvoyant isn’t gifted, he just has clearance. The reason The Clairvoyant can’t see Coulson is because Director Fury won’t release Coulson’s file. Now there’s a spy or mole in S.H.I.E.L.D..  Who could it be?

Agent Melinda May doesn’t want to go with Coulson on the bus at the beginning of the season, but he talks her into it. Or does he? At the end of last episode, there’s May and her encrypted phone line, reporting to someone about Agent Coulson.  Once we figure out May can’t be trusted, thanks to Fitz and his discovery of the hardwire line, it becomes a showdown between Agents May and Coulson.

I have no clue how that showdown ends, because it doesn’t have a chance to come to a conclusion due to the bus being driven by someone else. I suppose you should never trust a lady with two tones in her hair, even if it’s cheap generalization and she can’t choose a color or in this case, a side.  Next, Victoria Hand orders for everyone’s death except Coulson’s. I mean, really! Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m excited to see how this plays out. I really am worried about Agents Coulson and May’s relationship. Those two are good friends whether or not she did that on purpose. I trust her a little more than I did at the start of this episode.  It’s going to be an interesting ride until the finale. I’m watching. Are you?

Random Side note: Did anyone else notice in Garett’s sweet little speech to Skye? He talks about how he’s Ward’s significant other and Ward was Skye’s and he said, ‘I guess it call comes full circle… turn, turn, turn…” That’s next week’s episode title. Any idea if that was a clue about next week’s episode? Is it just a coincidence? Is anything a coincidence in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?” What would it be a clue of?

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Episode Date: 3.16.14

Episode Title: Struggle

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

As the episode’s title suggests, this week is a struggle for our characters, especially Emily. Emily is still dealing with these mystery black outs. It’s getting more dangerous for her since she almost gets Aidan killed.

Emily is coming unhinged, and attempts to kill Conrad. Gratefully, Aidan gets to Emily before she acts on her urge.  Nolan is smart enough to reach out to him, for her sake. Aidan is forced to take extraordinary measures to make Emily figure out the cause of her blackouts.  As he is torturing her, she recalls a buried memory that caused her so much pain her mind breaks down a bit.

As a child, Emily hides in the shadows on the night before her father is taken. Victoria sees her and gives her a look. Emily fearing for her father, sneaks down the hall to check on him and walks in on Victoria and her father, David, in the acts of love, and he screams at her to get out. David chases Emily down the beach. Emily screams that Victoria hates her. She doesn’t want Victoria in her life. He confronts her about how Victoria will be her mom, how they are going to be a family.

The part that haunts Emily is David gets his wish, she’s a Grayson now. She asks, her voice just above a whisper, why he doesn’t listen to her. It’s one of those moments that prove what an amazing actress Emily Vandercamp is. Her portrayal of Emily Thorne Grayson is nothing but brilliant.

Patrick is also struggling with a lot.  He’s dealing with what type of person his father is and how it reflects on him.  Who he is when he’s around his mother is another issue. He’s a man he doesn’t recognize, a man willing to commit murder.  Then he finally struggles with what he’ll do when a once in a lifetime offer from a respected artist comes along.  In the end, he decides to go, leaving Victoria a voicemail to say “goodbye.”  I’m surprised by this exit, but not upset.  I’m actually relieved because the storyline is getting old and I like seeing Victoria in Daniel’s affairs.  With Patrick gone, Victoria will have more free time to dabble in Daniel’s life.  In the end, both Victoria and Nolan conspire to get Patrick the apprenticeship so he’d leave and be the good man they know he is.

Victoria is struggling to keep her house but Stevie is doing her best to kick her out. No matter what legal way Victoria moves, Stevie is there with a counter move. It’s fun watching the two former Mrs. Graysons fight in this catty battle.  It’s really amusing.

The last person struggling is Jack Porter.  He meets his biological mother after living under the belief his mother abandoned him and Declan. The truth is Stevie Grayson is his mother.  He wants to give her a chance, but has been frequently hurt and lied to. After he talks to Emily, he chooses to give Stevie the benefit of the doubt and allow her in his and Carl’s life.  When he goes to talk to her, she admits why she left.  She’s a drunk. Since Jack is letting her in, we have to wait and see how it goes.

This is a really great episode. I’m glad they end the blackouts because it’s scary to think our heroine could be brought down by such a silly thing. It’ll be interesting to see how the show continues. What will Emily’s next move be now that she’s in control again and Daniel is tracking her?

I’m watching. Are you?

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Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: 3.23.14

Episode Title: The Tower

Rating: Like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


OUAT is at the heart, a show about family. So, imagine my heartbreak when we start this episode with a touching family moment between Charming and Emma that is nothing more than a terrible nightmare.  Charming finds out he and Snow are going to have another baby and he’s afraid of failing this second child like he feels he’s failed Emma.

Once the nightmare is over, the core group is back in Storybrooke and still trying to figure out whom the Wicked Witch is and why she’s cursed everyone.  Emma is lying to Henry about why they’re in Storybrooke and while I hate it, I understand it.  While Emma, David/Charming and Hook are searching for the witch, Regina/Evil Queen is protecting and spending time with Henry. Since he doesn’t know her, watching their interaction is sad.  I never thought I would be sad for the Evil Queen, but this time I can’t help it.

Zelena is hiding in plain sight, cozying up with Mary-Margaret/Snow as her midwife.  I have to say, as far as schemes go, it’s brilliant. For that reason, I hate her.  When Emma is dealing with Evil Queen it’s very black and white, you knew who is good and bad.  With Zelena, she’s bad, but our beloved characters don’t know it. They think she’s a warm and fuzzy person.

In the Enchanted Forrest, we meet Rapunzel. She’s overcome with fear after the death of her brother, so she sets off to find Night Root, a magical root with the ability to suppress any fear in a person.  Once she takes it, a witch appears and traps her in the tower.

Charming is dealing with the revelation of being a father again.   When he expresses his fear to Robin Hood, he tells him about the root.  So David being David goes on a quest to find it to help him deal with his fear.  When he finds it, but before he can take it he hears a damsel-in-distress, and discovers Rapunzel.

Charming/David helps Rapunzel realize the witch who traps her is a manifestation of the root. It makes whoever takes the root face their fear and literally battle it out.  If only Charming/David could remember the past year! Then he would know what he’s dealing with when he’s tricked into taking the root, in Storybrooke.

Zelena, being the Wicked Witch she is, sneaks it into his tea cup when he and Mary Margaret are meeting with her to discuss terms of her being their midwife.   When David tracks the Wicked Witch in the woods, trying to find out her identity, he has a duel with himself.

It’s because of the Wicked Witch’s move that Regina, Emma, David and Hook get a better idea of who she is.  They track her to her hideaway and discover the cage she’s keeping Mr. Gold in.  He’s the only one they know who spins straw.

What I’m questioning is why did the Wicked Witch take David/Charming’s sword?  What is the point of that? What are her wicked plans?

Personally, I feel like this episode is just filler to set up more of the story to come.  The Enchanted Forrest part doesn’t keep my attention. It could’ve been any princesses in the woods.  Mostly, it felt tired.  The Storybrooke side of the story is well done and I like it, but it’s more of a set up for things to come than an attention-getting, answer-giving episode we’ve come to love.

With that being said I’m very much looking forward to the next episode and am glad this one has been “put to bed.”

I’m watching. Are you?

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Episode Date: 3.26.14

Episode Title: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down

Rating: I like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

 “I swear, does the drama ever end?” Rayna James. No Rayna, it doesn’t, at least not on this show.

What Will Lexington is doing to Layla is despicable.  There is no two ways about it.  Thank God, Gunnar has the good sense to let him know it. Layla’s parents are right, she is too young. However, they’re wrong to disown her.  Will has no idea just how badly he’s messing up her life.  Will believes he’s right in making Layla his wife, but it’s wrong.

Scarlett has to stop taking those stupid pills, but I did like it when she stuck it to Juliette. We like when she whispers.  Scarlett is a brilliant artist and my favorite on the show, I’ve said this before, but in this episode she finally put voice to how she’s feeling.  Saying it to Juliette is probably for the best.  What I want to happen is for Juliette and Scarlett to team up and to have their careers skyrocket again.  This would help Highway 65 and Rayna too, so it would be win, win, win.

Since Juliette has been where Scarlett is, she is probably the best person for Scarlett to confide in.  They can understand each other, if Juliette can get over her jealously about Avery.  I think by the end of this episode Juliette admits she’s wrong, but she’s scared.  With her background, it’s perfectly understandable.

From the second the secret of who Maddie’s dad is revealed I’m sure everyone knows it would all come out, publicly.  It has to, and Maddie makes sure it does last episode, when she changes her name on her video account.   Rayna is right in wanting to protect her. Social media is a cruel part of today’s world.  It’s a good part too, when people are considerate.  Next episode when it all blows up, I’m worried about Maddie. She has been so sheltered, and now she’s going to be so exposed. It’s going to be bad, maybe even hard to watch.

When Deacon finds out what Megan and Teddy did in the sheets, he loses it, again.  He’s spiraling and it’s going to hurt Maddie.  Megan, despite the traitorous tramp she might be, is right. Deacon needs to hold on to his music and Maddie.  Deacon is self-destructive and the stage has been set for another flare up.  I love a happy Deacon. An out-of-control Deacon, I want to hold and make his world better.  Charles Esten is fabulous at playing both Deacons.  I can’t express how much I appreciate his acting ability.  It’s really hard to believe that he’s Chip from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

This episode is full of drama and in the next episode, “Crazy,” I believe it will live up to the title.  I know I’m watching. Are you?

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Episode Date: 3.16.14

Episode Title: UnEarth

Rating: I Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The town of Arcadia, Missouri has a problem on their hands: their dead residents come back. First, is Jacob Langston. He’s been dead for 32 years, having drowned in a river. Next, Caleb Richards dies from a heart attack. Unlike Jacob, he has no memory of his death.

Obviously, there are some serious reactions to what is going on, disbelief and fear being the biggest. Until the mystery is solved, people are going to react, sometimes in less-than-decent ways.

Lucille takes Jacob to the local park area to let him play, but quickly every parent pulls their children away, leaving Jacob standing alone in the field. While the mystery of it all keeps me watching the show, the human element makes it worth my time. This little boy wants to have fun and be a kid, but instead of making friends, the others’ fear drives them away, leaving him abandoned in the park. Watching the moment left me heartbroken.

Bellamy and Maggie try to find answers. Bellamy thinks the next step is to exhume Jacob’s body. The Langston family puts up a fight, but in the end, Bellamy gets permission to exhume it. At the end, they get the casket, but it hasn’t been opened yet. I wonder what they’ll find.

In the last episode, we hear various ways of how Maggie’s mother, Jacob’s aunt, died. The audience also discovers this woman has been having an affair with another man. Maggie finds the man her mother is sleeping with and asks if he is her father. He isn’t, but he does admit he was at the river the day her mother, his love died. Then this man goes inside and tells someone, we don’t see who, that she found us. More mystery.

With Caleb returning, Elaine, his daughter, is thrilled. However, his son, Ray, is more cautious. Ray doesn’t believe this man is their father. He says he’s only acting like Dad. I’m not sure if Ray is right and Elaine is too blinded by happiness to see it, or if Ray has personality issues and distrusts the craziness of the situation. I for one don’t trust him, especially since Caleb approaches Jacob and tells him to lie. Then there’s the whole ending to this episode, with the hammer.

I’m not sure if the show is going to take a religious stance. It’s possible because of the Pastor a.k.a. Jacob’s best friend. In the pilot, there’s a scene in the church service, talking about faith. Whether or not the show takes a religious aspect, it’s an interesting concept.

I fear with all the complicated mystery of the dead returning, unknown person and mother’s lover and Jacob’s and Mrs. Langston’ cause of death, the show will become too confusing and I will lose interest.

The thing that has me most confused is the nightmares Jacob has. Something bizarre is definitely going on and I want to know what it is.

For now, we have to wait and see.

I’m watching. Are you?



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Episode Date: 3.19.14

Episode Title: Why We Fight

Rating: OMG I Can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Well, last week Monroe asks Miles what he’s fighting for. This week, that question is answered and a whole lot more.

For starters, Tom does what Tom Neville does best; manipulate Truman to get him to do his bidding.  It backfires though, because Doyle knows how Tom operates and no matter what he says to push Truman’s buttons, Doyle has a trump card: Jason.

Jason can be controlled through the number he’s assigned by the re-education program.  This fact alone means Jason CAN’T be with Charlie.  I liked them at the end of Season One, but now because he can be compromised, I don’t want him near her.  However, Jason is the trump card Doyle uses against Tom, as if Julia isn’t enough for Doyle and the Patriots to hold above Tom’s head.

Doyle ties Jason up and gets Tom too. When Tom wakes up, he sees Jason battered and bruised, and Doyle says he knows everything.  Doyle and Tom continue their verbal games.  Doyle lets Tom know just how to hurt him, by using his son.  Doyle is a sick man, and he’s trying hard to destroy Tom, but unbeknownst to Monroe, he saves him.  This is an interesting plot twist, since Tom owes Monroe.

Truman goes to great lengths to make it look as if Gene and everyone else are the traitors and terrorists.  He creates a fake journal and presents it to the town’s citizens as Gene’s.  The Patriots have no bounds.

Also, Gene hasn’t been some lonely, bitter man after his wife, Charlotte passed.  He’s with Marion, the same woman who is hooking up with Truman (gross) and who Gene goes to, in hopes of convincing the town to turn against the Patriots.

When Duncan’s men show up where Monroe is camping out, the Patriots take out war clans one-by-one.  It’s because of this Duncan is dead and her men seek out Monroe. They’re out for blood.  Monroe takes news of Duncan hard.  We know they meant something to each other, but I wasn’t expecting him to be so heartbroken over her death.  His heartbreak is why he takes the men and attacks the re-education camp.

Monroe makes them attack hard and fast, to keep all the intelligence intact.  Rachel, of course, isn’t happy Monroe is going for it and she’s even more upset when Charlie goes.   Monroe obliterates the Patriot camp without thought of what it could mean for Miles and Gene.  He leaves no survivors, so he finds out the Patriots are sending the kids to Texas, to take over the territory.  Also, the Patriots are using Arabic to communicate to each other. Why that language?

When Miles and Gene get back, Gene takes a bullet to the shoulder. Miles is angry at Monroe, so he punches him. I love that more than I should.  Monroe and Miles banter back and forth, with Monroe saying it’s time for them to take it to the Patriots.  Monroe then gives Miles an ultimatum.  Miles doesn’t give an answer, but I think it’s safe to say that when the show comes back, they’ll be going to Texas together.

So what is everyone fighting for?

Miles says he’s fighting for Rachel and Charlie. Truth is he’s fighting against his inner demons, because he’s selfish.  Rachel is fighting for Charlie, so she won’t turn into Rachel.  Monroe is fighting to earn back his Republic.  Charlie is fighting because she doesn’t know how to not fight, and if she’s going down, she’s going down swinging.

I love the writers this episode.  This show always has great dialogue, but in this one, all the one-liners, cheap quips and zingers are phenomenal.  They came from everybody, too.  From Gene calling Monroe and Miles sorority girls, to Charlie telling Connor he and his dad should have matching thrones, to Miles zinging Gene about being with Marion. Then Tom says Julia calls Doyle a small man.  I wish I could write that kind of dialogue in my fictional work.

This episode was good, great, amazing, awesome and a half dozen other trite adjectives.  If you haven’t been watching this show, please start.  It’s probably the best thing on T.V. you aren’t watching.

I’m watching. Are you?

**When you are watching Revolution live on Wednesday night, follow my live tweeting at @telev_watcher**

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Episode Date: 3.12.14

Episode Title: Exposition Boulevard

Rating: I Can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

We’re back in the dark, in the non-electric world we’ve come to know and love.  With the Nano fixed compliments of Aaron, nothing has changed. We’ve also picked up almost where we left off, with Tom and Jason standing off against Rachel and Miles. When Doyle’s bullets start to fly, Miles and Rachel are able to disappear.  Charlie, Connor and Monroe head back from New Vegas with the men Duncan gave Charlie for saving her life.

The scenes where Tom and Doyle butt heads are funny.  The two characters have good reasons, but still it’s fun to see them butt heads.  Doyle wants Tom and Julia dead because of con they run.  Tom wants to capture Monroe in order to save Julia.  Tom uses Truman to get what he wants, side-stepping Doyle completely.  This leads to Truman and Tom leading men into Miles camp and battling.

Once Monroe and crew reunite with Miles and Rachel, I was happy. There’s nothing like a big family reunion.  Gene lets Rachel know Connor and Charlie are sleeping together.  Miles catches Monroe up and much to Monroe’s dismay Miles doesn’t let him rest because they have a training camp to deal with.  However, they also have proud father moments when Monroe talks about how good Connor was in New Vegas. That’s when they capture two kids in Patriot garb, spying on them.

The training center is full of kids from surrounding towns, but mostly Willoughby.  So when Monroe and Miles bring the two they caught back to their camp, there’s trouble in Paradise between Rachel, Gene and Monroe.  Monroe obviously wants to kill them because they are the enemy.  In the end, one of the captives kills herself after the code in her eye is read aloud.  Yes, you read that right.  The re-education center has a component where they are brainwashed to respond to a code and do the bidding of their commander.  In a small battle, Miles listens to Rachel and allows the boy captive to escape.  Monroe lets him know this will come back to bite him.  I really hope it doesn’t, but in the game of war, you can’t have a heart.

I don’t like that all of sudden, Rachel has a moral compass. However, as right as Monroe is, there will be Patriots next week and they will die anyway, so Rachel is right, also.  What is the point of battling the Patriots if they have to destroy families and children to do it?  This episode makes you think about the cost of war. It made me think about it, anyway.

On other fronts in the episode, Aaron and Priscilla work on coming home.  However, something isn’t right with Priscilla.  Things she says and does are strange. This is especially true when she commands the lightening bugs.  I’m waiting for that to blow up in everyone’s faces.

Backstory on the Patriots is finally revealed!  It’s interesting with the Patriots.  They are who is left over from the American government.  You’d think because they’re the government, they would be the good guys, but they are far from it.  They take and send kids to re-education centers where they torture them and brainwash them.  They caused the typhus outbreak.

What is left of the government, escapes to Cuba.  Those who have gone to Cuba are vetted, chosen.  Jack Davis (now president) talks to those in Cuba upon arrival.  He says the blackout is punishment for the perverted actions of the government.  Davis says when Air Force One went down, they lost a president, speaker and as soon as the vice president is taken care of, he will be next in line.  Those in Cuba would wait out the purge or natural selection then the strong will build a new America.  Davis, Randall Flynn and Victor Doyle have a plan to make the public work with them.  Davis goes so far as to say they’re the new founding fathers.  Finally, some insight on their actions, but I still stand by my belief the Patriots are a bag full of crazy.

Now about the battle I mentioned earlier.  Tom fails.  Even if he succeeded, Monroe would have gotten away. He always does, he’s like a cockroach that way; always surviving, whatever the disaster.   My favorite thing about this battle is the reaction when Charlie and Jason come face-to-face.  She says she doesn’t need drama right now, since Connor is at her side, and she lays him out.  Plus, because of this failure, Truman and Tom get a down-dressing from Doyle. Like I pointed out before Miles, because of Rachel, let the boy-Patriot in training go.  This is important and worth the second mention because Miles compromises all his battle knowledge and everything he is, for her.  If that action comes back to bite them all, it will mostly likely compromise their relationship.

The bomb of the episode is Jason has numbers in his eyes.  Doyle activates him.  I smell trouble.

Again, it was great episode.  I think this episode asks a valid question: What are you fighting for?  Next episode should answer it, since it’s called Why We Fight.”

I’m watching. Are you?

**When you are watching Revolution live on Wednesday night, follow my live tweeting at @telev_watcher**

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Episode Date: 3.5.14

Episode Title: Dreamcatcher

Rating: I CAN’T Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Welcome to a world with the lights on!  March 5, 2014 is when Aaron wakes up after the Nano reacts to the virus.  For the first time in this series, there’s a world with power, steady and strong.  In the previous episode, Aaron writes in a virus and hears weird pops and pings and wakes up in his bed, next to Pricilla.  This episode is a stark contrast to the world “Revolution” has created, and this episode is more like today’s reality.

Aaron knows something is off, something is not right.  He keeps flashing to the world he knows, has lived in for the last fifteen years.  He’s smart enough to know it may not be real.  However, after the first 24 hours of having cold beer, warm beds and nice clothes again, he decides to go with it.  He wants it to be real.

He struggles with this “new reality” for most of the first day.  He goes to the work and talks with Pricilla.  It seems normal, but for some reason he is just having a weird day.  It isn’t until the second day when he is faced with the facts. He’s not back in an electric world.  When he starts to fix a code, Charlie, the belly shirt girl, bursts in and shoots his employees with a crossbow.  She rushes Aaron out and tells him what he already knows:  This is not real.

Things go downhill quickly from there.  Charlie tells him he has to remember everything.  Via a series of flashes, we see key point from the series. She helps him understand everything and then Charlie is killed by a bullet to the head, delivered by a Patriot.  Basically, Tracy Spiridakos has the best entrance and exit in the episode.  Crossbow killing the Nano-people and then she takes a bullet to head, it’s pretty memorable.  Aaron realizes he needs to find his people to combat the Nano and get back to reality.

In this alternate reality/universe our beloved characters are portrayed in new ways.  There’s a glimpse of Nora as a business professional.  Rachel is a professional who’s been on TV because of the Nano; Tom Neville is a sleazy insurance salesman.  Monroe and Miles are BFFs in a motel room.  Miles is still a shady drunk and Monroe is a good guy who admits his Civil War obsession.

There are some great comedic points in this episode.  My favorite is when Monroe points out how much Aaron lost in the blackout, and Aaron’s response, “Yeah, I lost some stuff.”  The other favorite is how Milles calls Tom a dick, when in this reality he doesn’t know him.  Beardy McGee is my third personal moment.  The one-liners and dialogue is genius.

Aaron figures out he can control it, he is in charge in his own mind.  It’s because of him that Miles, Rachel and Monroe figure out who they are, just as he is being dragged off by the Nano/Patriots. The moment was perfection.  Miles, Rachel, Monroe and Aaron head to his company’s building and he says he won’t fix the Nano code.  He will force himself to wake up by jumping off a tower.

When Aaron wakes again, he is back to normal.  It seems like he has won.  This is awesome, but of course, it is false.  The Nano just uses another method to trick him.  He writes the code because in the second alternate reality, Rachel takes a hit by a lightning rod and he has to save her.  Once this happens, he does wake up in the same room in Lubbock, and he and Pricilla do head back to Willoughby, to his family.

I love when a T.V. show takes a step back and changes the rules/dynamics and it works, with a great story arc.  However, the writers have to do it well. Ben Edlund, Paul Grellong and creator, Eric Kripke do well.  They take the audience on a different path, without deterring from the story.  It was basically a great fan fiction episode, to see the characters in a different way.

Next episode however, goes back to the dark world we all know and love.

I’ll be watching. Are you?

**When you are watching Revolution live on Wednesday night, follow my live tweeting at @telev_watcher**

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