Agents of Shield


Show Title:  Agents of Shield

Episode Date: 11.19.13

Episode Title: The Well



*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I didn’t know I needed this episode until it previewed last week.  “The Well” focuses on the aftermath of “Thor: The Dark World.”

“The Well” began when the team cleans up in London, where Thor and the Dark Elf battle and demolish the city.  The team combs the area to collect all alien devices; because as Coulson says, alien material in human hands tends to end badly.

Who else predicted what happened next? Alien material was placed in human hand. It wasn’t just any alien material, either. It was a magical staff that makes the one holding it, boil with rage.

The myth of the staff goes like this: A warrior from Asgard falls in love with life while on Earth and stays behind.  He then breaks the staff and hides it in three places, attempting to make it impossible for anyone to harness the staff’s power.

With the recent spike in Asgardian activity; the pagan group searches all this time and finally uncovers all three parts of the staff.  They take their rage to the streets declaring themselves gods.  Why do angry people always go the streets?  Can’t they be angry and watch a movie?

Our shield team takes the case.  Ward comes into contact with the staff and it unlocks his rage.  The audience gains some backstory, seeing a little kid struggling in a well full of water. These flashes broke my heart a little too much.

With Ward all hyped up on rage, his fighting skills are upgraded from master to demi-god.  I have to admit, rage-fueled Ward is a sexy Ward.  Does anyone else think so?

In decoding the mystery of the staff, they actually discover the warrior, hiding in plain sight.  A brilliant way to hide, I must say.  A true Asgardian, who hid on Earth for centuries! Currently, he’s a professor of Norse mythology at a Spanish university.  He leads the team to the last part of the staff where the believers are, in possession of the staff.

In the final show down, Fitz and Simmons freak out when they don’t know how to help the warrior who was stabbed in the heart. However, Coulson takes charge and saves the day. Ward takes more rage from the staff and fights the believers until he is worn out.  May steps in and takes the staff, finishing off the last believer.

I had a reason to be wary of May.  She has kicked butt several times during the season.  This week she took the whole staff in hand and defeated the Pagan believers.  Ward struggles with the staff, but May takes it on, effortlessly.  FINALLY she admits something personal about herself!  She says holding the staff isn’t a problem because she sees those things every day.  This reconfirmed my suspicion something terrible has happened in her past. (The other confirmation was she didn’t want to join Coulson’s team to begin with.)  Her demons are with her every day.  Then she walks into her hotel room with a bottle of alcohol, leaving her door open for Ward to join her.  That in itself is a WTF moment.  Then Ward joins her!  Have to admit, I’m outraged over that.  I’m shipping Ward and Skye, but it appears like May and Ward might be hooking up over their common pain.

The biggest WTF moment comes when we see Coulson getting a massage in Tahiti.  In a peaceful moment, the masseur says, “I know, it’s a magical place,” in response to Coulson’s comment that Tahiti is too good to be true.  Then Coulson wakes up terrified. Seriously?

This is our confirmation Tahiti is some sort of cover up. I wish we knew what the story is!  I also have a theory Coulson was put back together with Asgard parts because when the warrior was stabbed, his reaction was more like the Asgardian warrior, not human.

I really loved this episode.  I hate the unanswered questions, but I guess that is what will make me tune into next episode.  You should, too.

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