Show Title:  Nashville

Episode Date: 11.20.13

Episode Title: Hanky Panky Woman


Review & Recap

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Lies, Lies, Lies from the new Mrs. Conrad:  Peggy Kenter is by far the most vindictive character on the show. I think the way she is deceiving Teddy is despicable.  How far she’s gone to make sure he’s her husband before the truth about his baby came out!  At least, she didn’t fake a pregnancy. That would take this show to a soap opera level, again.  Thank God that didn’t happen!

Juliette’s sassy way of dealing with the Wentworths makes me a happy viewer.  I was relieved when Juliette was as shocked with Olivia’s kiss as I was because I don’t know if anything else would have fit her character.  Juliette jumps beds so often with the men that I should have known she’d stick on that side of the fence. I love that Juliette has Avery to turn to, for friendship.

I know she’s slow to let people in, but I’m glad she and Avery are getting close.  I hope the writers keep their relationship platonic.  I like the idea of Avery dating Scarlett, not Juliette.

How about that ending? I’m not sure which was more shocking, last week’s girl-on-girl kiss or this week’s love proclamation. I’m curious to see how Juliette will handle the Wentworths.

Scarlett was the heart of the show, again.  Watching her stumble and then thrive on that stage was amazing.  She is obviously struggling, which breaks my heart. When she performs, however, she’s triumphant. I loved watching her walk onto that stage and take control of it.  I’m so impressed by Clare Bowen.  The Australian actor not only speaks like a country girl, but sings like one.

Scarlett is also probably the most caring character on the show. She still helped Gunner with his song writing, despite being upset over her initial blunder on stage. She is so worried about everyone else that when she is hurting, self-doubting and second guessing everything, she takes care of others and withdrawals her own pain. I hope she remembers to care for herself.

Then there were Rayna’s troubles.  Jeff, the new head of Edgehill, is coming after her so his bottom dollar is higher.  Jeff wanted to push out Rayna’s new album, but she isn’t ready. So he goes after her with a court order to get the master copies of her new album. I hate Jeff like a vegetarian hates meat.  I hate Jeff like a book reader hates the end of a good novel.  Rayna put an end to his idiocy for now, but I think it won’t be long before the next round.

I’ve been harsh on the show in the past, declaring how much it reminds me of a soap opera. Even though that is still true, I do love this show.  How will Rayna deal with Maddie and her two dads?  The next episode previews show a showdown between Deacon and Teddy. How will Rayna deal with the Edgehill and Jeff drama? How will Scarlett do as she continues down her career path?  So many questions, never enough answers.

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