Covert Affairs

covert affairs*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Show Title:  Covert Affairs

Rating: Holy Cannoli, Can’t live without!

Season Wrap-up

Well, I lay my hand upon a TV Guide and swear I will never get behind on this show again!

I couldn’t believe all that could happen in a mere four episodes.  But the season wrapped up in a nice little bow, and I have to say I’m satisfied.

I managed to catch up though, in a day.  Once I started watching I couldn’t stop, it was that good.  Annie and Auggie follow Henry’s trail and every time they catch a break, they fall about three steps behind again. Culver is helps them, and once Annie comes back to DC, the drama intensifies.  These episodes were so action-packed, to break each part down would make this post be 6000 words or more.  I wouldn’t do that to you though.

At the end of the last episode, Annie stood in an ally with Henry.  After months of waiting, there was finally a showdown between them. Truthfully, I was disappointed.  I wanted it to be more intense and it felt anti-climactic.  Annie fired the kill shot then walked away.  It didn’t feel like an ending to me. The story really has just begun in a way. While the team will no longer be fighting Henry, they will have to face the consequences of their actions, probably including killing Henry.

Since I am just wrapping up the season, I have to say there are so many moments my fan-heart loved:

  • Annie walking up to Henry’s men, holding out a phone and asking, “Is this what your’ looking for?”
  • Auggie standing in the hanger after the plane left, and telling Annie he wasn’t going anywhere.
  • Annie and Auggie in general. They are one of the sweetest couples on TV, in my opinion.
  • Henry being Henry: He’s sly and slick, so you can’t trust him. However, as a fan, I can’t help but love his antics. His facial expression when he sees Annie for the first time, post death, was fairly amazing
  • Joan and Arthur’s relationship is adorable.  He gets injured then watches Joan shoot and kill Henry’s henchmen. He moved to see Joan go into labor and the three of them all gathered in the hospital room.  Having the baby was wonderful symbolism of new life after a death.

I can’t say too many good things about the season finale.  It wrapped up this story arc nicely.  I can’t wait to see Annie and Auggie in the new season.  What new adventures they will go on?


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