Show Title: Revolution

Episode Date: 1-8-2014

Episode Title: The Three Amigos

Rating: I Can’t Live without!

Recap & Review

  *Warning Contains Spoilers*

Holy Mother of God!

I love this show, without a doubt.  It’s a touch of dramatic, action, Sci-Fi, and comedy.  But at its core, it has great characters. The bromance between Miles and Monroe is perfect and the first episode of the New Year gave another side of it. They have such great chemistry as brothers, friends, enemies and war comrades.  Those two men have been to hell and back and are going again. I love how the writers have brought the complex relationship to light.

Backstory:  Monroe and Emma (the woman whom both men loved and was killed in season one, before the fall of the Monroe Republic) have a son.  Emma and Miles, knowing how dangerous Monroe is, decided they needed to hide Conner in Mexico.  Monroe knows Miles hid his son and is only helping our group in exchange for Miles take him to his son.

In this episode, Miles is finally keeping his end of the deal. He convinced Rachel to join him as he takes Monroe to a Mexican town clearly run down with crime.  Poor Rachel didn’t want to go, because as she says herself, she has to help Monroe find his son, when he killed hers.  It’s not fair, but she is the one who speaks Spanish, which is a required skill set.

Monroe is not impressed with Miles choice of location but Miles defends it, saying it used to be nice. The one-liners Miles and Monroe bounce between them were hilarious.  Miles and Monroe are snarky and when they throw zingers at each other, it’s priceless. Which speaks loads to the chemistry between the two actors.  (Well done, Billy Burke and David Lyons.).

What the trio soon learns is Conner took the town over and is the crime lord of the area.  Conner wants nothing to do with his father and tells him to leave.  But of course Monroe can’t leave well enough alone and goes back to offer his republic to him, once they attain it.

Another relationship at the core of the show is that of Tom Neville and Julia Neville Doyle.  The husband and wife have made every move for each other.  When Tom was still a part of the Monroe Republic, Julia was the weakness that Miles exploited to escape.  When Tom believed Julia had been killed in the nuke attacks, he vowed he’d avenge his wife.  Thus taking up with the Patriots to work with them, until he could kill the President.  Now he knows that not only is his wife alive, but she’s remarried and has done what is needed to survive.  Personally, I think Tom is on the verge of snapping, seeing his wife with another man, but he is still trying to give her the life he promised her.

Julia’s scheming is at an all-time high, and I’m worried she is somehow going to get Tom in trouble, because she’s manipulative.  I think Tom loves her more than she loves him, and she knows it.  I wonder if it’s as simple as she wants the good life or if there is something more to it. I do know between the two of them, there is a body count and it is about ready to go up.

Outside of the relationships that shape the show, there are the plots.  We have the Patriots pumping the oranges with some sort of chemical, and that still remains unknown.  My guess is they are poisoning the town and will have the magic saving drug to earn the general population’s trust.  Truman and The Patriots have something up their sleeves and it won’t be good.

Finally we have the awakened nano tech.  Aaron made it to the Silver City the little nano boy told him about, to find an abandoned town and Grace.  The whole nano storyline is the Sci-Fi aspect to the show.  The Sci-Fi is weird, but interesting.  I want to know the logic behind it, how it works. More specifically, what did they do at the Tower that triggered the whole mess?

If you missed this episode, you need to find and watch it, ASAP!


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