Show Title:  Revenge

Episode Date: 1.5.14

Episode Title: Homecoming

Rating: I love.

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


After Emily Thorne’s husband shot her twice, she fell backwards into the dark water and lost her memory. I wondered what the Graysons would do.  So, it was no surprise when the family closed ranks to keep her away from those who are on her side, like Nolan Ross. I hate that!  Emily needs Nolan.  They are soul siblings and I hated that he was forbidden to see her.  Not that he didn’t keep a close eye on her, via his hacking talents, but still.  To have Victoria, of all people, cast him away was wrong.  For Victoria to act as she care at all about Emily, makes my head spin.  But for Victoria act like Emily is family, after everything she has done to her, it just wrong.

Emily’s enemies kept her close since she lost her memory.  It is looking grim for her overall plan, Daniel and the rest of the Grayson’s are seemingly going to get away with their crimes. At the most, Victoria might be charged with attempted murder.  Then Daniel admitted to his mother he did it, and that he is going to confess.  Of course Victoria falls into her old ways of protecting her children at any cost and convinces Conrad to frame Lydia.   I’m okay with that. I really don’t like Lydia’s character.  She’s background riff raff that won’t go away, always popping back up like an unwanted weed. But really, just once, can Victoria let her children live their own lives?

Meanwhile, Charlotte tried to help Emily remember everything by showing her the photographs from the fairy tale wedding.  Charlotte commended Emily on her strength and wondered where she gets it.  Well, Emily, not knowing any better, remembered it’s from her father and then told Charlotte his name, David Clark.  Admitting that David Clark is her father, is destructive to Emily’s plan.  Because at the core of that plan is not letting anyone know that she is in fact Amanda Clark.

Thankfully for Emily, Charlotte only told this to Jack and not her psycho family.  By the end of the episode, Jack got through to Emily and she remembered Daniel shot her.  Thank God!  Emily will somehow be able to rebound, that I’m for sure of.  At this point, it’s only a matter of how.

Whew!  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was for me.  I was glued to my screen.  How is Emily going to overcome this new set of challenges?  The Graysons know she’s been plotting against them, even though they have no idea how deep her plot goes. The rest of this season will be an adventure, especially with the previews showing Emily waking up at Grayson Manor.

Just a quick side note:
Within the second season, the show lost its way a bit and this season it’s finally back on course, Emily’s destruction of the Graysons.  But this episode left me with a hint of fear that it’s staying again.  The Aiden storyline with the woman who attempted to dose Emily with an unknown substance, worries me, especially when we find out she and Aiden have a past.  Then she kisses him.  I love Aiden as a character and Emily’s love interest, but his storyline isn’t important to me. I don’t want this chick coming in and messing with the system.  I want to show to stay on the straight and narrow of Emily avenging her father’s death by destroying the Graysons.  


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