Trophy Wife


Show Title: Trophy Wife

Rating: I Like

Overview/Catch Up

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

This show has no morals, but it’s the funniest trash I’ve ever watched.  I’ve posted about it before and harped on it for being predictable. I’ve also praised it, saying “The idea of the series, in today’s world, was very appealing. A blended family who wasn’t 100% friendly, kids who didn’t like the latest stepmom, strong women learning how to deal with each other, all wrapped up in a comedy; it sounded brilliant to me.”

I took my time before watching any more episodes because the previous ones bored me. I’m sorry I did. I just watched four episodes, “Lice and Beary White,” “Russ Bradley Morrison,” “Twas the Night Before Christmas… Or Twas It?,” and “The Big 5-0”. They were comical, witty and unpredictable.

I have to say that while I have criticized the show, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. I want to know what clever storyline will come next.  The last few episodes recaptured the unique spin on traditional sitcom plots.  With the Christmas episode yes, there was the common “everything went wrong” plot, but the spin was the youngest son, Burt, spiked the homemade wine with absinthe, causing the parents to have one wild and crazy Christmas Eve.  It included a wolf, missing eyebrows, and missing presents.

The Christmas episode really brought me back to enjoying the show again.  The following episode confirmed that by allowing Bradley Whitford to shine as the main focus.  Whitford’s performance was downright perfect as he played Pete, who tried to avoid celebrating his fiftieth birthday because he thinks it’s cursed.  No matter what Kate does to try to help him have fun, it ends up being a disaster.

This show is funny and is keeping me watching, but I won’t be using it to guide my moral compass. But really, what TV show does?  I’m watching this one for the humor, and you should too.


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