Trophy Wife


Show Title: Trophy Wife

Episode Date: 1.21.14

Episode Title: The Tooth Fairy

Rating: I Like


*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Again, I apologize for the delay in the review, due to my broken TV.  It’s still broken, but I borrowed one to catch up my DVR and On Demand shows.
So, I finished “The Tooth Fairy” and it’s not a terrible episode, but not an over-the-top great one- either. For some reason, I just can’t stop watching.  I’m labeling this a “guilty pleasure” show, since sometimes I wonder why I watch.

The three storylines in this episode were funny, funny/sad and bizarre.  The bizarre was Kate guiding and coaching Warren in dating techniques, telling him how to text the girl he likes. The poor girl comes over to “study,” an attempt to talk up Warren and Kate freaks her out.  I get that Kate is trying to help Warren out, but it was a bit weird.

The funny and sad storyline was Hilary’s first high school slumber party. Diane wouldn’t leave, prompting all of the girls to make fun of her.  Diane finally got the message and retreated to her room for the evening, allowing Hilary and her friends to have a girls’ night of fun.  I felt sorry for Diane because no one should be made to feel guilty about wanting to spend time with their child. However, every child needs to have time for fun.

The funniest arc of the “The Tooth Fairy” episode was the missing tooth that caused Jackie’s and Pete’s milestone war.  Apparently in their divorce papers, there were terms of which parent got to witness which of Bert’s milestones.  With Pete’s failure to keep the tooth, Jackie took one of his milestones, and it escalates from there.

The episode ended sweetly with Warren getting his first kiss, Kate tearing up with parental joy, Diane understanding Hilary’s need for friend time, and Pete and Jackie agreeing they aren’t ready for Bert to grow up.  No matter how silly or weird the show is, it always ends with a sweet sentiment.


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