Trophy Wife


Show Title: Trophy Wife

Episode Date: 2.4.14

Episode Title: Foxed Lunch

Rating: I like!


*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Funny and witty is how I’m now describing this show.  While I still don’t think it’s one of the great TV comedies yet, I think it’s getting there.

In this episode, Diane made a snide comment that made Kate feel as if she’s not doing anything productive in life, so when Jackie pitched a business idea Kate likes, she ran with it.  Quickly and predictably, they got in way over their heads.

While trying to create a huge order, Jackie had a breakdown because Kate bought regular cucumbers instead of organic and then quit, leaving Kate to deal with the job on her own.  They finished the order but dissolved the business because Jackie is a flake and doesn’t finish anything.  Kate seemed upset that it’s a failure in her book, but forgave herself and moved on.  This is a lesson I feel needs to be pushed more in today’s society.  Too often, society is taught we have to be perfect all the time and not being a perfect person is awful.

The other storylines took more of a competitive nature.  Diane trained Hilary to become a track runner.  When Hilary let Diane win a short race at the track, they became very competitive.  They went out for a fun jog and ended up pushing each other far.

Pete took the boys to a karate class and they became very aggressive, wanting to solve all their problems with violence.  Pete got mad because he believes in using logic and nonviolent means of conflict resolution.  So Pete, in order to show his toughness to his boys, punched through a block of wood.  Of course, he won the approval of his children, but injured his hand.  It’s funny, but I think it sends the wrong message to its viewers, that in the end you have to resort to violence. It’s in conflict with Pete’s belief system.

Overall, I am enjoying it this show. It’s funny and witty. However, I hope there are no more predictable storylines.  I’m looking forward to the next episode.  Are you?


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