Chicago PD

Chicago PD

Show Title: Chicago PD

Episode Date: 1.15.14

Episode Title: Wrong Side of the Bars

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Watching Detective Erin Lindsay telling Julia’s husband she was gone was not easy to watch. What a scene! It amazes me what can be said when nothing is said. With one word he knew, and it broke my heart. But there was no time to grieve, because Detective Antonio Dawson’s son, Diego, was missing.

Diego was kidnapped at the end of the last episode, because the unit captured Pulpo. His henchmen took Diego so they could exchange him for Pulpo.  The team was desperate to find Diego. Sergeant Hank Voight said it was like his own son was taken, so they took what they knew and searched for possible leads to solve the case.

The warehouse was a bust and their suspect got away because the rookies moved in too quickly.  However,   they find a “proof-of-life” video of Diego. Antonio was fighting to keep his composure the entire episode, fueled by rage and desperation to reunite his family. He wants to make the trade Pulpo’s henchmen offered, but Voight can’t allow it because less than 1% of those exchanges work out, according to Erin.

While the team is looking through old files, it’s revealed to the viewers that Erin used to be a CI (confidential informant) for Voight. Based on the old business card she has in her locker, we already know they have a history. I suspect the gang kid he gave the business card to in the last episode will ultimately have the same fate. Lindsay later says she volunteered for a program because he saved her life.  (There is more to this story, I haven’t figured out yet.)

Finally, the team makes some progress, thanks to one of Antonio’s CIs. A chase breaks out after they bust into a hotel and find one of Pulpo’s henchmen, the wall from the video and Diego’s shop apron.  Now I know this is a cop show, but good Lord! Do they all have to have so many chase scenes? Voight was willing to let Antonio work off some of his anger with a knife and the man they found at the hotel. He even encourages him to cut the man’s eye out, but Antonio resisted the urge.

The moment between Antonio and his wife in the locker room was very sweet. She gave him permission to blur the lines between right and wrong, knowing it goes against their nature. But this is their son.  Their flesh and blood and they can’t lose their little boy.  Watching Antonio cross into the shades of wrong was brutal for me.  I empathize with it; I even believe that if it were my child, I’d do the same. However, it was hard watching it. You want your characters to be able to stay in the light, but the characters are what make them human and fascinating.

One thing about this show I really like is it doesn’t put the cops in a perfect, clean spotlight, but rather the grit and grime it might actually be like. I imagine being a cop is hard and is full of grey rather than black and white.

Finally, due to Antonio’s interrogation of chains and punches, the team gets a lead and ends up at a bus station. Erin sees Diego being lead onto a bus and gets on it too because backup can’t get there quick enough.  She had no other choice, but you could tell she was nervous. The driver let her on and she takes a seat a few rows behind Diego and his abductor.

Thanks to the technology of cell phones, they are able to communicate with the driver and Erin.  Faking engine trouble, they are able to swap out normal personnel with police so the innocent people are safe and they can get Diego without a fuss.  Erin stayed on the bus as long as she can with Diego.  But the kidnapper figured it out and drew his gun on Diego, while Erin drew her own weapon.  Another team member collides into the bus with the spare, causing everyone to fly and give Erin the chance to grab Diego.  Antonio was then able to put a round into the Colombian’s head, ending the horrible nightmare.

Everything went back to normal but they then had to bury one of their own.  No matter how a TV shows portrays a military, firefighter or police funeral it still brings me to tears.  This episode did it with a voice over of Voight saying that he has to run his unit his way and asked his team to stick by him.  Knowing at the end of the day, they would do some good.

The twist came when Voight tells an IA officer he was supposed to be a pipeline for IA.  She got angry because he hasn’t given her anything yet.  He turned the tables saying he works for the city, not her. It’s the twist I’d been waiting for but not expected.

I have to say that I love this show.  I’m angry that I’ve gotten so far behind, but I’m slowly catching up and can’t wait to see what happens next!

What do you think?


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