Show Title: Nashville

Episode Date: 1.22.14/1.29.14/2.5.14

Episode Title: Just for What I am; It’s All Wrong, but It’s all Right; Too Far Gone

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Since my last review of the show, three episodes have aired and the drama intensified for all of the characters.

I love Rayna and Luke together, but I’m still worried Luke is Jeff Fordham’s plant in her label to get insider information.  I started to suppress my suspicions, but Luke encouraged Rayna to announce her album drop date at the concert for the NASCAR race.  Jeff heard this date and planned his move accordingly.  It seems like Luke really likes her, but I’m still cautious of this relationship.

Outside of Rayna’s blossoming love life, she has her record label, Highway 65.  She is getting ready to release her album which she is really proud of, especially since she wrote the first single with Deacon and it gained a ton of traction.  She’s worked really hard and spent a ton of money on this album release.  I have to admit, I was proud of her not feeding off of ‘’Juliette’s bones’’ by taking her shelf space after Juliette’s downfall.  But I’m worried for her. She has everything on the line as far as her career goes.  I doubt the writers will have her completely fail, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy for her.

Also I’m worried about her personal life.  Over the course of these three episodes, her life has been rocky. Her sister hid from both the US Attorney’s Office and their father.  But Rayna didn’t know what Tandy had been up to. She worked on finding it all out, and faced huge revelations about her father’s true personality. She learned about his involvement in her mother’s death and that he was the one who put a hit on Teddy.  Since her father got out of jail and she learned his truths, she cut him out of her life. However, with the promo showing he died, I worry this will weigh heavily on her and cause serious emotional damage.

Juliette had the rug pulled out from under her.  Poor girl!  Since season two, I really like her character.  In season one I thought she was arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson.  But over the arc of the show, she has had amazing character development.  Going from that arrogant girl to an artist that just wanted to make good music and have a good life.  Of course, things can’t be good for long. After the secret was let out she slept with Charlie Wentworth, it caused the Wentworth marriage to end and her life began to fall apart again, quickly.  Rayna said a while back, country music fans like a song about adultery, but they don’t like the adulterer.  Concert canceled, album sells plummeting, fans outraged and that is just a few of the things she’s been facing.

A broken heart was another issue Juliette had to deal with. She realized she loved Avery, but he had Scarlett.  Things did change for her in that department, after Avery and Scarlett realized they only got back together for the comfort of familiarity.  Juliette and Avery hooked up and became an official couple.  Avery is really good for her.  He shows her the good in the world and makes her realize even if it all of her fame goes away, she’ll be fine.  At first I didn’t want them to hook up because I didn’t want it to be a fling. I’m glad the writers are making it a relationship.  I’m also having a lot of fun watching Juliette learn how to not be the superstar in the relationship.

Another thing Juliette had to deal with was Jeff Fordham. He screamed at her and makes her beg for redemption because that is the only way to turn everything around.  She played his games and went through the motions of what Jeff wants.  When she is inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, she had other plans.  She sang a new song and declared she won’t apologize for who she is. Love her or leave her. This gets her kicked out of Edgehill, dropped as an artist.  She went into hiding but slowly found out not being in the spotlight is okay, too.

Scarlett is also having a heck of a time.  In “Just for What I Am,” she was super busy and dealt with the emotional baggage of lingering feelings for Gunnar, breaking up with Avery and missing her best friend.  There is also the strain of being a new artist in the music business.  She barely slept in her own bed and even after the tour with Luke Wheeler ended, did all sorts of press and jumped into working on her album.  Her schedule is insane and taking a toll. She’s trying her best to manage it all, but it’s about to come to a head. Mark my words.  She appears to already be addicted to the drug Liam gave her. He said it would help with jetlag, but drug use of any kind is a dangerous path to travel down.  I know why it is appealing to anyone to take something that gives you the energy, but it’s not the right way to handle a busy schedule. I hope someone catches her before it goes too far.  She is far too talented to lose herself to drugs.  Speaking of her talent, the song “Black Roses,” which she records with Liam, is a beautiful song and I’ve been playing it on my iPod practically every day.  I love that Liam is producing her album. I really like the way he makes music.  I know the show is fictional and the song and story are written to create drama, but I love the way he finds the true Scarlett.

Link to YouTube version of the song:

Teddy hasn’t been doing so well since the death of his wife.  He is borderline obsessed with trying to find out the reasoning behind it.  It doesn’t help that the family of the killer worked on a law suit.  To add salt to the wounds, the lawyer working on the case is Deacon’s girlfriend, Megan Vannoy.  Teddy gets understandably angry when he found out about the suit, but when Megan explains she doesn’t believe it’s as simple as everyone else seems to be making it, something clicked for Teddy.  He connected some dots and decided Rayna’s dad, Lamar Wyatt, is behind the death of his wife, and the death of the man that killed her.   Teddy figured out that Lamar believed he was the informant that got him arrested, but we all know he wasn’t.  Teddy worked with Megan to make all the connections.  Teddy is hurting and you can’t blame him for that, but what will happen when it comes to light that he stood by as Lamar fell to the ground having a heart attack and did nothing?  I understand wanting revenge, but is that going too far?  What will Rayna think if she finds out?

These three episodes have been amazing.  I’m looking forward to when the show comes out of hiatus.  I can’t imagine how everyone will handle whatever the writers have up their sleeves.


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