Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD

Show Title: Chin Check

Episode Date: 1.22.14

Episode Title: Chin Check

Rating: I Love

Review and Recap

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

It was just another day at the office for the officers who were on the hunt for the gun runners that killed several people, leaving a major blood trail.  It started when the team got a tip and staked out the house where the activity was reported.  It all went awry when a gunman opened fire and they had to move in.  Once in the home and the gun fire stopped, they found “cop killer” ammo.

I have to admit, I’ve been having trouble keeping the case straight, because the show is fast-paced. I love, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the plentiful plot points.  I could be lost because I don’t watch “Chicago Fire,” the sister show to “Chicago P.D.”

Each character has a sorted background that we’re slowly getting pieces of.  It’s a very character-driven show and that’s what makes it great.  You have to be invested in the characters to be invested in the show.

The guns were brought in via a Canadian diabetic supply company’s employee.    The team staged a buy and moved in when Detective Alvin Olinsky said the magic words, “It’s just like Christmas morning.”

Sergeant Hank Voight told Erin his son, Justin, is getting out and Erin planned a small get together to celebrate.  They both care for Justin, but Hank seems distance about it.  Erin told him the tough love thing didn’t work.  Voigt had something else to do instead of seeing Justin walk out of jail.  Erin yelled at him but Voight’s mind was made up.

Instead of seeing his son, Voight met with his IA contact and promised to bust in Maurice two weeks.  Maurice is who Voight met up with to get information on the gang lord that he dealt with in order to get the kid out.  Maurice gave Voight cash, and he was supposed to turn it over to the IA contact. Instead, he lied and kept it.  Then because he might be a grey-cop, but he’s a good man, he gave the cash to the kid’s aunt, so they can live comfortably.  He saved the boy from the gang and did everything he could to help, including missing his own kid’s release from jail.

While Erin worked the case, Voight told her a firefighter’s sister is missing, because he got in a fight during a blackout.  She later got a visit from that firefighter, Kelly Severide.  She promised the best eyes were on it and they would find her.  Then the two shared a reassuring hug.   I can really feel how deeply Erin cares for those she helps.

Ruzek was involved in the shooting at the house that resulted in the death of a suspect.  He was encouraged to get counseling, which he didn’t want to do.  He went but was less than polite with the counselor.  Despite his best effort to forget the ordeal, what she said affected him.  The counselor made him take the rest of the shift off, and when he returned, he was able to do his job.  He took down the seller who managed to get Olinksy at gunpoint during the takedown.

Ruzek is the rookie on the team.  He was pulled from the academy to work in Voight’s unit, but hadn’t told his fiancé. She thought he was pushing papers for the department and had no idea he was living in dangerous circumstances.  He’d been very secretive about this and touchy whenever one of his colleagues mentioned the subject.  I was very happy when told his fiancé the truth.  She didn’t react well, but at least he wasn’t lying anymore.

Detective Jay Halstead was having some anger issues.  When he realized the day is the 21st.    During a moment of free time he took his parents some food and visits with them.   While the situation seemed tense, everyone tried to make the best of it.  The elephant in the room was the cake on the table.   He took a piece and ate it on the street while a creepy guy stared at him from his window.  The father of the creepy guy came bursting out of the house and yelled about harassment.  An officer showed up but didn’t do anything as Halstead yelled that she would have been fifteen. How it has been seven years.  He threw the cake and stormed off.  The father yelled that he would get a restraining order and Halstead blamed the creepy guy.  The audience wasn’t told the backstory, but it seemed sad.

I love the characters on this show and they’re why I keep watching.  I want to learn about them.

I’m watching, are you?


One thought on “Chicago P.D.

  1. Why kill off Jin Sheldon he was very good and Archie Kao did a great job . You need to gey rid of Stillwill person he sucks bad. Going to miss Jin but i am still a big fan of this show .

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