The Foster’s


Episode Date: 3.3.14

Episode Title: Escapes and Reversals

Rating: I like

Review/Catch up

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Over the last few episodes Callie finally got herself together.  She decided she wants to have a family.  She had her rough patch and teenage rebellious state and now she is ready to move on.

Last week, Callie took great strides to create more roots when she worked at the school’s photo lab. taking photographs of girls to help them find homes.  I’ve been really happy the writers didn’t drag out Callie’s story arc and force her to make all the bad choices for the whole season.  It’s nice seeing her settle down and make peace with her life.

Unfortunately, while she was busy at the photo shoot, Kindle Reader Whites were taken from the school’s office.  Callie has to put a list together of everyone there and that includes her friend, Daphne.  Callie has to tell her soon-to-be mom she gave the office keys to her, when she went to the ladies’ room.

Daphne didn’t take the Kindles, but Vico, from the wrestling team, did.  Vico and Brandon created fake IDs together.  Callie learned that Brandon isn’t the guy she thought he was.  It’s sad to see Brandon has become the guy who lies and does questionable things.  I was glad to see he tried to repair the damage with the previous business he messed up, but he still didn’t take responsibility for his actions.   He seemed to dig himself further and further down that hole.  I’m really worried about Vico’s plans for paying Brandon back, and why he put Callie in the middle of it.  I’m also proud of Brandon for telling his Dad about the piano lessons part of the truth.

This episode the big news was that Sef and Lena had to ask Callie’s and Jude’s father for permission to adopt them.  Jude wanted to see his dad but Callie didn’t.  She felt as if he didn’t care about them because he had been out of jail for a year and hadn’t tried to reconnect with her.  I have to say, I wasn’t expecting the last five minutes when Donald answered a knock at the door and Callie was standing there.  She said she didn’t want to see him, so I wonder why she went.  Was it to say “goodbye” or was it to protect Jude in some way?

I like this show. It’s well-written and has a great storyline as far as Callie is concerned.  I don’t like all of the Marianna stories.  I get that this show is written for teenagers, and I’m not a teenager.  But some of the side arcs, like hers, just seem so juvenile and are handled as such. Her constant search to find a boyfriend is exhausting.  Another thing is Marianna isn’t being taught that putting her undies in a boy’s shirt pocket isn’t the thing to do.

Sef and Lena are good parents.   I wish the writers would have handled that differently.  I wanted there to be more consequences for Callie’s bad behavior.  I want Brandon to have consequences too, but I doubt he will.

I wonder if shows like this showed more consequences for small infractions, would today’s teens have a better idea about their own lives?  On the other hand, I’m really glad they portray the reality of the foster system, how those kids have a hard life.

I’m watching. Are you?


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