Rizzoli and Isles

rizzoli and Isles 2011 TNT promotional ad june 2011

Episode Date: 3.4.14

Episode Title: Just Push Play

Rating: I Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

“Rizzoli and Isles” is a great show that is very case and character-driven.  I think it’s what makes the show so extraordinary.

The Case:

A shy, quiet, musical prodigy is killed in a bathroom bar after having a nasty run-in with a jerk. She went into the bathroom and the killer stabbed her in the back and chest.  While our detectives worked the case, they found out Natasha Osmanski was a student at a musical school but rarely performed because she had extreme stage fright.  Her parents informed the detectives that she only played the piano.  But when she was killed, she had a guitar.  In order to figure out why she was killed, the detectives had to figure out what she was doing in the bar.  Her parents also told the detectives she had been in a rehab facility because she had received a DUI a month prior to her death.

Finally they put the pieces together and realized her rehab roommate stole her song and scored a record deal with it.  When Natasha discovered the betrayal and theft, she got some liquid courage, and was going to perform her song and tell her story in front of the record executives that signed the roommate.  When the roommate saw her there, she killed her.  So the detectives solved the case and arrested the murderer.

I love the way the detectives work a case, the rhythm they have, the small details they’re able to focus on.  I wish more cases were left unsolved because that would be a better reflection of the real world.  I’m glad there are always easy but unpredictable answers.  For example, the detectives brought in the jerk from the bar and thought he was the murderer, but he wasn’t.

The Characters:

Jane has had some huge personal problems this season, from Casey to her father.  Frank Sr. returned after he left his family to restart his life. He left a huge mess of heartbreak and IRS debt in his wake.  However, he was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to make it right before his time was up.  Each of his children handled it differently.  Jane wanted to escape into work, but for some reason was the child that had to be the oldest in a situation like this.  So she was forced to take a step back from the job and focus on her family.  Mostly, the family was angry that he came back but they tried to forgive while they waited to hear the second set of test results from the doctors.

Angela has been through a lot with Frank, so when he came crawling back, he expected her to roll over and let him come back home.  That isn’t what she does.  I was so happy to see she was strong and independent, yet kind.  She didn’t just turn Frank away, but she didn’t let him come back, either.  She was supportive and did the things Frank wanted, but by the end of the episode, she sent him back to Florida.  Frank does have cancer, but it’s only stage two and very treatable.  So she told him that while he is always the father of her children, he was no longer her husband and needed to go back to his life.  I was so grateful the writers kept her character strong.  She’s worked hard to find her footing since he left.  I didn’t want that to be destroyed. I was also glad Jane forgave her father, but sent him away.

I really love how the characters on this show aren’t stagnate or one-dimensional.  They’re complex and evolving.  That is why it’s in its fifth season.  I’m excited to see what else the writers have in store.


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