Rizzoli and Isles

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A Short Article

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

August 19, 2013, actor Lee Thompson Young was killed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.   Knowing this, I was surprised when I saw his face in the last episode.  I know TV shows are filmed in advance, but I was still caught off guard. 

I have no idea how many episodes Young filmed for this season or when the show will deal with his departure.  I made the mistake of reading message boards and the two most popular fan suggestions are having Det. Frost murdered or having him gain a promotion and transfer to another location.  I’m not sure which will be best. 

Obviously, producers, cast and crew already decided and it will soon play out on our screens. I’m curious to see what that decision is.  When actors die, in any way, it creates a problem that has numerous solutions.  When Heath Ledger passed, three other actors finished filming his role in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.”  With the recent death of Paul Walker, producers asked his brother to step in and finish filming his role.

Death creates a sticky situation because on one hand, the cast and crew are grieving the loss and on the other, they have a job to do.   My hope is they’ll do a respectful death for Det. Barry Frost so the cast, crew and audience have closure.  Once the show deals with his death, it can move on. 

As far as the characters, Jane will lose a partner. Maybe Frankie can finally have a concrete detective position and no longer be the floater.  Our “Rizzoli and Isles” cast can then continue to seek answers for murder victims and their loved ones. 

What do you think?  Any speculation on what tact the show will take?

I’m watching. Are you?


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