Episode Date: 3.10.14

Episode Title: Playing Chicken

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

This show is completely ridiculous.

It’s just as ridiculous as “General Hospital,” the daytime soap I watch.  Yet, but I still watch it.  Worse yet, I love it.  When the hour is up, I can’t wait for the next.

After the huge revelation of Ryland’s secret affiliation with the CIA at the end of “Trust Me,” I really didn’t know what this show could throw at me next.  Truthfully, they didn’t throw anything new at me.  This episode was all about who is sleeping with who and the always evolving search for answers.

Elena and Nicolas work on figuring out how the Ewings are framing Cliff Barnes. The Ewing’s antics landed Cliff in a Mexican jail.  Elena and Nicolas kept hitting dead ends because Bobby made sure there would be no way to connect the family to the crime.  Elena and Nicolas also took a rumble between the sheets, just as Christopher met Nicolas’ wife and children.

Christopher was in Mexico looking for information on Nicolas.  Trying to find out who he is, why he is helping Cliff Barnes and being the proxy at Ewing Global.  I was concerned for him when men with guns asked him to come with them, but they only led him to Lucia.  I wonder how long it will take these smart business men to figure out how he’s connected.  I’m looking forward to it because it will most likely be explosive.

John Ross continued his stupid behavior of sleeping with Emma and being dead set on fracking on South Fork land. Just in general being a pig-headed man-child.  He wants it all and is getting way too cocky.

I loved how he tried to get the ranch hands to be okay with the fracking only to be out smarted by Bobby.  I didn’t watch the original but I have a feeling from the reboot and the relationship between Bobby and JR that I did see, in the original, there was a ton of “move and counter move.” I‘m glad John Ross filled JR’s role and did so, wonderfully.  Josh Henderson is excellent and not that difficult to look at, either.

I’m so glad Sue Ellen didn’t give up on the feeling her son was up to no good and that she confided in Ann.  Though with the truth spreading, I wonder what Pamela will do when it reaches her, especially since Emma played John Ross.  The stunt with the lingerie was just dirty.  It wasn’t right.  Emma is a devious and unpredictable character. It’s hard to tell what she’s going to do next.  It’s great for the show, but I really don’t like it.  She’s wedging John Ross and Pamela apart, and that is a couple I really support.

Next week is the wedding, and Dallas does weddings with drama. I’m excited.

I’m watching. Are you?


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