Episode Date: 3.9.14

Episode Title:  Payback

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Emily Thorne was last seen in Conrad Grayson’s bed.  Emily is having serious issues. She keeps blacking out and while blacked out, she does things she normally wouldn’t.

Apparently, Emily’s alter ego planted the sword that lets Niko know Aiden killed her father.  She screamed at Nolan and broke his phone.  She called Stevie Grayson, Conrad’s first wife, wanting a divorce.  While Emily’s alter ego wasn’t shown doing these things, the fall out was.  She tried to piece it together, and thanks to Nolan and his tech genius, it was confirmed Conrad didn’t spend the night with Emily.  However, I don’t like that alter-ego Emily is conspiring with him.

Emily has swelling in her brain, but it didn’t cause the blackout.  Nolan brought up her mother, but the viewers weren’t given a ton of information about her mother. What they do know is she has a mental issue and tried to drown Emily as a child.  Is this what Emily is experiencing or something different?  Is this a complication to her mission?  I don’t know what it is, but I worry about her.  I know Emily does really terrible things, but she is the heroine in the story and I want to see her win.

I want to see Victoria fail.  I know Victoria can spin a great pity story, but I’ve seen her spin so many, I wonder if there is any truth in any of it, especially the story about Patrick’s father.    I really don’t believe half of what she says.  I know right now she and Emily aren’t directly feuding, but that will change and when it does, I want Victoria to fail.

There are a lot of side things going on right now, such as Stevie Grayson coming into the picture.  She is Conrad’s first wife and apparently Jack Porter’s mother.  That was a shock to the system.  Nothing about Jack’s family has been revealed other than his dad is dead. Now, thanks to Conrad, so is his brother. A curious development, especially since Jack is just now getting his life in order.

Jack finally left the Emily revenge missions. He was cleared of Conrad, grieved over Declan and got into a new relationship.  He bought a house and this bomb dropped.  I can’t even imagine how this is going to cause drama.  What will Conrad do when he finds out?  It’s going to be epic.

I’m watching. Are you?


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