The Foster’s


Episode Date: 3.10.14

Episode Title: Don’t Let Go

Rating: I like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

At the core of this show, is family.  This particular episode is about how to deal with family changes.   

I really feel for Callie and Jude.  They have a really tough life, their mother dying in a car crash.  Their father causes the car crash because of his drinking, so he goes to jail and they’re sent to the foster care system.  Callie has done everything she can to protect Jude, which is how she ends up in juvenile detention.  Now, they’re finally getting themselves a family and have to say “good bye” to their father.  We know he’s been out of jail for a year, and in this episode he tells Callie he stops contacting them because he wants to have something to offer them.  It’s a noble cause, but what kind of father could just not talk to his kids for years?  I feel he could’ve called once in a while, wrote a letter, something.

I know Callie visits their dad in an attempt to protect Jude. However, she actually goes for herself. No matter what he does wrong, he’s still her dad, and she wants a dad.  All in all, when they meet for to say “goodbye,” I think it goes well enough.  I can’t imagine telling a parent “goodbye” forever, knowing they’re still out there.  That has to be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s a beautiful scene.

Mike and Stef fight over Brandon.  Stef is his mother and is his legal guardian, so even though Brandon isn’t living with her, she still wants to know what is going on.  When she finds out Brandon is in trouble, she’s livid.  I understand where Stef is coming from, but agree with Mike on this one. Brandon is living in his house, under his rules.

Mike’s girlfriend is an interesting character.  She is helping Mike and is a good influence on Brandon. Well, mostly.  I worry about the friendly, “don’t tell your dad you saw me in the bar,” relationship she and Brandon are creating, but I have a feeling something is going to go wrong.

The Marianna storyline finally has my interest.  The boy she likes, Zac, is interesting, but only because he has an insane mother.  She is suffering from something and says horrendous things to Marianna at the end of the episode.

This family is changing also by Stef and Lena trying to have a baby with the aid of Timothy, a Rhodes Scholar and the kids’ English teacher.  This storyline is funny and a bit awkward, especially since Jesus walks into the bathroom after Timothy leaves his baby-making material in the bathroom.  Watching their discussion was awkward.

I wonder what will happen next week with the Winter Ball.  I’m watching. Are you?


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