Trophy Wife


Episode Date: 3.11.14

Episode Title: The Wedding Part 1

Rating: I Like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The writers have finally found a rhythm and I’m so glad.  The last several episodes have been extremely funny and consistent.  I’m so happy about this, since that was my biggest complaint about this show. It had too much back and forth between funny and stupid. 

Pete, has been married twice before and because of that when he and Kate tie the knot, there is no big show of it.  They wed at the courthouse window.  Despite agreeing to a small wedding, Kate gets sad when she finds Pete’s first and second wedding videos in the garage. She asks Pete if he liked their wedding day, and realizing her implication, Pete re-asks her to marry him. I have to give it to Pete. He got down on one knee and everything!  For having two failed marriages, he does have the romance factor down.

While the two are planning their “redundant wedding,” as Diane called it, Kate decides she should have her legal name changed from her ridiculous maiden name to her married one.  This is sweet and romantic until she discovers she is living in the country illegally and unless she can prove her marriage isn’t one of convenience, she’ll be deported.   Haven’t we seen an entire movie with this plot line?  This isn’t exactly the best news the bride-to-be, again, could’ve received.   So when Agent Johansen arrives to conduct an interview, it goes so wrong it’s nothing but comedic.

Pete and Kate try to be a normal married couple, but it seems like they’re faking their marriage more than ever.  The interview continues until Diane, Jackie and all the kids (including Meg), come bursting in, forcing Pete and Kate to deal with them.  This, of course, proves to the agent this is no marriage of convenience and allows Kate to stay in the country and the next episode to be the actual wedding.

Who knows what kind of funnies will be brought during this redo wedding? I’m betting Jackie, Diane and Cricket (Kate’s mom) will cause wreak havoc in their own special ways.  I for one am not going to miss that.

I’m watching. Are you?


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