Rizzoli and Isles

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Short Article

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

A few weeks ago, I posted a short article speculating about how “Rizzoli and Isles” will deal with the death of cast member, Lee Thompson Young.  Recently, I came across an article from zap2it that gave some information.

While there have been no definitive answers on how the show will handle it, Angie Harmon (Jane Rizzoli) tweeted:

“Hope you enjoyed @RizzoliIslesTNT season 4 finale. Season 5 eps 1&2 address our beloved Lee w/ love, honor & respect. Thank you @JanNash100.”

To continue speculation, it is my belief the show will not replace Young, but have his character come to an ultimate end.

The cast didn’t live tweet during the season finale out of respect, with this being the first episode Young hasn’t been in, this season.  It was explained away as him being on vacation.

The show will return June 17th and Young’s death will be dealt with then.  I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to it.  Watching the season finale and him not being there was hard enough.  I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the cast and crew to film without him.  It will be heartbreaking to continue watching the show without him and where his cast mates will say “goodbye.”

I’ll be watching. Will you?


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