Trophy Wife


Episode Date: 3.18.14

Episode Title: The Wedding Part Two

Rating: I like/love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

While watching the wedding part two, I went from crying to smiling.  After the drama with immigration agency, Kate has this ideal wedding in her mind.  Life doesn’t seem to want to allow that image to come into fruition.

First, there are Pete’s weird parents, who don’t talk to each other or share information about their lives.  They make their son act as their go-between.  Then Kate’s mom, Cricket, is an absolute nut case.  Cricket, buys inappropriate gifts, orders strippers and is just… odd.

Jackie and Diane are only invited out of politeness. However, if they weren’t there, it would be odd because they’re a part of this weird, messed up family. Plus, they do all the work Hilary and Meg are supposed to do. When Kate sees they’re doing so much work, she feels like they truly want to be there, and thanks them for being part of her special day.

Bert and Warren don’t want to be considered adorable anymore.  Yet, they’re dressing like men and are adorable.  They try to make them seem older, such as Bert spraying cologne and Warren attempting to shave.  It is really cute how they try to grow up but are still boys.

When Pete’s great aunt passes away, the wedding is canceled.  Kate feels as if the family should go to the funeral.  While on the plane, the memorable, awesome, sweetness happens.   Whether it is on purpose or not, Bert spills his drink on Kate, so Hilary brings her a change of clothes. When Kate walks out of the restroom in a white dress, her wedding is set up in the airplane.  Pete stands with his kids, waiting for her. Jackie and Diane stand to reveal themselves and Cricket comes from behind Kate. It is just special!

Won’t lie, got all teary-eyed. It’s really sweet how Kate and Pete renew their vows on a plane, walking down the aisle to Kermit and Miss Piggy singing, “You Make Me Happy.”

However, to truly make it the comedy show it is, Meg messes up Kate’s beloved wedding video.  So they create a special memory, without documenting it on video.   It’s a great episode.

I’m watching. Are you?


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