Episode Date: 3.16.14

Episode Title: UnEarth

Rating: I Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The town of Arcadia, Missouri has a problem on their hands: their dead residents come back. First, is Jacob Langston. He’s been dead for 32 years, having drowned in a river. Next, Caleb Richards dies from a heart attack. Unlike Jacob, he has no memory of his death.

Obviously, there are some serious reactions to what is going on, disbelief and fear being the biggest. Until the mystery is solved, people are going to react, sometimes in less-than-decent ways.

Lucille takes Jacob to the local park area to let him play, but quickly every parent pulls their children away, leaving Jacob standing alone in the field. While the mystery of it all keeps me watching the show, the human element makes it worth my time. This little boy wants to have fun and be a kid, but instead of making friends, the others’ fear drives them away, leaving him abandoned in the park. Watching the moment left me heartbroken.

Bellamy and Maggie try to find answers. Bellamy thinks the next step is to exhume Jacob’s body. The Langston family puts up a fight, but in the end, Bellamy gets permission to exhume it. At the end, they get the casket, but it hasn’t been opened yet. I wonder what they’ll find.

In the last episode, we hear various ways of how Maggie’s mother, Jacob’s aunt, died. The audience also discovers this woman has been having an affair with another man. Maggie finds the man her mother is sleeping with and asks if he is her father. He isn’t, but he does admit he was at the river the day her mother, his love died. Then this man goes inside and tells someone, we don’t see who, that she found us. More mystery.

With Caleb returning, Elaine, his daughter, is thrilled. However, his son, Ray, is more cautious. Ray doesn’t believe this man is their father. He says he’s only acting like Dad. I’m not sure if Ray is right and Elaine is too blinded by happiness to see it, or if Ray has personality issues and distrusts the craziness of the situation. I for one don’t trust him, especially since Caleb approaches Jacob and tells him to lie. Then there’s the whole ending to this episode, with the hammer.

I’m not sure if the show is going to take a religious stance. It’s possible because of the Pastor a.k.a. Jacob’s best friend. In the pilot, there’s a scene in the church service, talking about faith. Whether or not the show takes a religious aspect, it’s an interesting concept.

I fear with all the complicated mystery of the dead returning, unknown person and mother’s lover and Jacob’s and Mrs. Langston’ cause of death, the show will become too confusing and I will lose interest.

The thing that has me most confused is the nightmares Jacob has. Something bizarre is definitely going on and I want to know what it is.

For now, we have to wait and see.

I’m watching. Are you?




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