Episode Date: 3.12.14

Episode Title: Exposition Boulevard

Rating: I Can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

We’re back in the dark, in the non-electric world we’ve come to know and love.  With the Nano fixed compliments of Aaron, nothing has changed. We’ve also picked up almost where we left off, with Tom and Jason standing off against Rachel and Miles. When Doyle’s bullets start to fly, Miles and Rachel are able to disappear.  Charlie, Connor and Monroe head back from New Vegas with the men Duncan gave Charlie for saving her life.

The scenes where Tom and Doyle butt heads are funny.  The two characters have good reasons, but still it’s fun to see them butt heads.  Doyle wants Tom and Julia dead because of con they run.  Tom wants to capture Monroe in order to save Julia.  Tom uses Truman to get what he wants, side-stepping Doyle completely.  This leads to Truman and Tom leading men into Miles camp and battling.

Once Monroe and crew reunite with Miles and Rachel, I was happy. There’s nothing like a big family reunion.  Gene lets Rachel know Connor and Charlie are sleeping together.  Miles catches Monroe up and much to Monroe’s dismay Miles doesn’t let him rest because they have a training camp to deal with.  However, they also have proud father moments when Monroe talks about how good Connor was in New Vegas. That’s when they capture two kids in Patriot garb, spying on them.

The training center is full of kids from surrounding towns, but mostly Willoughby.  So when Monroe and Miles bring the two they caught back to their camp, there’s trouble in Paradise between Rachel, Gene and Monroe.  Monroe obviously wants to kill them because they are the enemy.  In the end, one of the captives kills herself after the code in her eye is read aloud.  Yes, you read that right.  The re-education center has a component where they are brainwashed to respond to a code and do the bidding of their commander.  In a small battle, Miles listens to Rachel and allows the boy captive to escape.  Monroe lets him know this will come back to bite him.  I really hope it doesn’t, but in the game of war, you can’t have a heart.

I don’t like that all of sudden, Rachel has a moral compass. However, as right as Monroe is, there will be Patriots next week and they will die anyway, so Rachel is right, also.  What is the point of battling the Patriots if they have to destroy families and children to do it?  This episode makes you think about the cost of war. It made me think about it, anyway.

On other fronts in the episode, Aaron and Priscilla work on coming home.  However, something isn’t right with Priscilla.  Things she says and does are strange. This is especially true when she commands the lightening bugs.  I’m waiting for that to blow up in everyone’s faces.

Backstory on the Patriots is finally revealed!  It’s interesting with the Patriots.  They are who is left over from the American government.  You’d think because they’re the government, they would be the good guys, but they are far from it.  They take and send kids to re-education centers where they torture them and brainwash them.  They caused the typhus outbreak.

What is left of the government, escapes to Cuba.  Those who have gone to Cuba are vetted, chosen.  Jack Davis (now president) talks to those in Cuba upon arrival.  He says the blackout is punishment for the perverted actions of the government.  Davis says when Air Force One went down, they lost a president, speaker and as soon as the vice president is taken care of, he will be next in line.  Those in Cuba would wait out the purge or natural selection then the strong will build a new America.  Davis, Randall Flynn and Victor Doyle have a plan to make the public work with them.  Davis goes so far as to say they’re the new founding fathers.  Finally, some insight on their actions, but I still stand by my belief the Patriots are a bag full of crazy.

Now about the battle I mentioned earlier.  Tom fails.  Even if he succeeded, Monroe would have gotten away. He always does, he’s like a cockroach that way; always surviving, whatever the disaster.   My favorite thing about this battle is the reaction when Charlie and Jason come face-to-face.  She says she doesn’t need drama right now, since Connor is at her side, and she lays him out.  Plus, because of this failure, Truman and Tom get a down-dressing from Doyle. Like I pointed out before Miles, because of Rachel, let the boy-Patriot in training go.  This is important and worth the second mention because Miles compromises all his battle knowledge and everything he is, for her.  If that action comes back to bite them all, it will mostly likely compromise their relationship.

The bomb of the episode is Jason has numbers in his eyes.  Doyle activates him.  I smell trouble.

Again, it was great episode.  I think this episode asks a valid question: What are you fighting for?  Next episode should answer it, since it’s called Why We Fight.”

I’m watching. Are you?

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