Episode Date: 3.19.14

Episode Title: Why We Fight

Rating: OMG I Can’t Live Without

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Well, last week Monroe asks Miles what he’s fighting for. This week, that question is answered and a whole lot more.

For starters, Tom does what Tom Neville does best; manipulate Truman to get him to do his bidding.  It backfires though, because Doyle knows how Tom operates and no matter what he says to push Truman’s buttons, Doyle has a trump card: Jason.

Jason can be controlled through the number he’s assigned by the re-education program.  This fact alone means Jason CAN’T be with Charlie.  I liked them at the end of Season One, but now because he can be compromised, I don’t want him near her.  However, Jason is the trump card Doyle uses against Tom, as if Julia isn’t enough for Doyle and the Patriots to hold above Tom’s head.

Doyle ties Jason up and gets Tom too. When Tom wakes up, he sees Jason battered and bruised, and Doyle says he knows everything.  Doyle and Tom continue their verbal games.  Doyle lets Tom know just how to hurt him, by using his son.  Doyle is a sick man, and he’s trying hard to destroy Tom, but unbeknownst to Monroe, he saves him.  This is an interesting plot twist, since Tom owes Monroe.

Truman goes to great lengths to make it look as if Gene and everyone else are the traitors and terrorists.  He creates a fake journal and presents it to the town’s citizens as Gene’s.  The Patriots have no bounds.

Also, Gene hasn’t been some lonely, bitter man after his wife, Charlotte passed.  He’s with Marion, the same woman who is hooking up with Truman (gross) and who Gene goes to, in hopes of convincing the town to turn against the Patriots.

When Duncan’s men show up where Monroe is camping out, the Patriots take out war clans one-by-one.  It’s because of this Duncan is dead and her men seek out Monroe. They’re out for blood.  Monroe takes news of Duncan hard.  We know they meant something to each other, but I wasn’t expecting him to be so heartbroken over her death.  His heartbreak is why he takes the men and attacks the re-education camp.

Monroe makes them attack hard and fast, to keep all the intelligence intact.  Rachel, of course, isn’t happy Monroe is going for it and she’s even more upset when Charlie goes.   Monroe obliterates the Patriot camp without thought of what it could mean for Miles and Gene.  He leaves no survivors, so he finds out the Patriots are sending the kids to Texas, to take over the territory.  Also, the Patriots are using Arabic to communicate to each other. Why that language?

When Miles and Gene get back, Gene takes a bullet to the shoulder. Miles is angry at Monroe, so he punches him. I love that more than I should.  Monroe and Miles banter back and forth, with Monroe saying it’s time for them to take it to the Patriots.  Monroe then gives Miles an ultimatum.  Miles doesn’t give an answer, but I think it’s safe to say that when the show comes back, they’ll be going to Texas together.

So what is everyone fighting for?

Miles says he’s fighting for Rachel and Charlie. Truth is he’s fighting against his inner demons, because he’s selfish.  Rachel is fighting for Charlie, so she won’t turn into Rachel.  Monroe is fighting to earn back his Republic.  Charlie is fighting because she doesn’t know how to not fight, and if she’s going down, she’s going down swinging.

I love the writers this episode.  This show always has great dialogue, but in this one, all the one-liners, cheap quips and zingers are phenomenal.  They came from everybody, too.  From Gene calling Monroe and Miles sorority girls, to Charlie telling Connor he and his dad should have matching thrones, to Miles zinging Gene about being with Marion. Then Tom says Julia calls Doyle a small man.  I wish I could write that kind of dialogue in my fictional work.

This episode was good, great, amazing, awesome and a half dozen other trite adjectives.  If you haven’t been watching this show, please start.  It’s probably the best thing on T.V. you aren’t watching.

I’m watching. Are you?

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