Episode Date: 3.26.14

Episode Title: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down

Rating: I like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

 “I swear, does the drama ever end?” Rayna James. No Rayna, it doesn’t, at least not on this show.

What Will Lexington is doing to Layla is despicable.  There is no two ways about it.  Thank God, Gunnar has the good sense to let him know it. Layla’s parents are right, she is too young. However, they’re wrong to disown her.  Will has no idea just how badly he’s messing up her life.  Will believes he’s right in making Layla his wife, but it’s wrong.

Scarlett has to stop taking those stupid pills, but I did like it when she stuck it to Juliette. We like when she whispers.  Scarlett is a brilliant artist and my favorite on the show, I’ve said this before, but in this episode she finally put voice to how she’s feeling.  Saying it to Juliette is probably for the best.  What I want to happen is for Juliette and Scarlett to team up and to have their careers skyrocket again.  This would help Highway 65 and Rayna too, so it would be win, win, win.

Since Juliette has been where Scarlett is, she is probably the best person for Scarlett to confide in.  They can understand each other, if Juliette can get over her jealously about Avery.  I think by the end of this episode Juliette admits she’s wrong, but she’s scared.  With her background, it’s perfectly understandable.

From the second the secret of who Maddie’s dad is revealed I’m sure everyone knows it would all come out, publicly.  It has to, and Maddie makes sure it does last episode, when she changes her name on her video account.   Rayna is right in wanting to protect her. Social media is a cruel part of today’s world.  It’s a good part too, when people are considerate.  Next episode when it all blows up, I’m worried about Maddie. She has been so sheltered, and now she’s going to be so exposed. It’s going to be bad, maybe even hard to watch.

When Deacon finds out what Megan and Teddy did in the sheets, he loses it, again.  He’s spiraling and it’s going to hurt Maddie.  Megan, despite the traitorous tramp she might be, is right. Deacon needs to hold on to his music and Maddie.  Deacon is self-destructive and the stage has been set for another flare up.  I love a happy Deacon. An out-of-control Deacon, I want to hold and make his world better.  Charles Esten is fabulous at playing both Deacons.  I can’t express how much I appreciate his acting ability.  It’s really hard to believe that he’s Chip from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

This episode is full of drama and in the next episode, “Crazy,” I believe it will live up to the title.  I know I’m watching. Are you?

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