Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: 3.23.14

Episode Title: The Tower

Rating: Like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


OUAT is at the heart, a show about family. So, imagine my heartbreak when we start this episode with a touching family moment between Charming and Emma that is nothing more than a terrible nightmare.  Charming finds out he and Snow are going to have another baby and he’s afraid of failing this second child like he feels he’s failed Emma.

Once the nightmare is over, the core group is back in Storybrooke and still trying to figure out whom the Wicked Witch is and why she’s cursed everyone.  Emma is lying to Henry about why they’re in Storybrooke and while I hate it, I understand it.  While Emma, David/Charming and Hook are searching for the witch, Regina/Evil Queen is protecting and spending time with Henry. Since he doesn’t know her, watching their interaction is sad.  I never thought I would be sad for the Evil Queen, but this time I can’t help it.

Zelena is hiding in plain sight, cozying up with Mary-Margaret/Snow as her midwife.  I have to say, as far as schemes go, it’s brilliant. For that reason, I hate her.  When Emma is dealing with Evil Queen it’s very black and white, you knew who is good and bad.  With Zelena, she’s bad, but our beloved characters don’t know it. They think she’s a warm and fuzzy person.

In the Enchanted Forrest, we meet Rapunzel. She’s overcome with fear after the death of her brother, so she sets off to find Night Root, a magical root with the ability to suppress any fear in a person.  Once she takes it, a witch appears and traps her in the tower.

Charming is dealing with the revelation of being a father again.   When he expresses his fear to Robin Hood, he tells him about the root.  So David being David goes on a quest to find it to help him deal with his fear.  When he finds it, but before he can take it he hears a damsel-in-distress, and discovers Rapunzel.

Charming/David helps Rapunzel realize the witch who traps her is a manifestation of the root. It makes whoever takes the root face their fear and literally battle it out.  If only Charming/David could remember the past year! Then he would know what he’s dealing with when he’s tricked into taking the root, in Storybrooke.

Zelena, being the Wicked Witch she is, sneaks it into his tea cup when he and Mary Margaret are meeting with her to discuss terms of her being their midwife.   When David tracks the Wicked Witch in the woods, trying to find out her identity, he has a duel with himself.

It’s because of the Wicked Witch’s move that Regina, Emma, David and Hook get a better idea of who she is.  They track her to her hideaway and discover the cage she’s keeping Mr. Gold in.  He’s the only one they know who spins straw.

What I’m questioning is why did the Wicked Witch take David/Charming’s sword?  What is the point of that? What are her wicked plans?

Personally, I feel like this episode is just filler to set up more of the story to come.  The Enchanted Forrest part doesn’t keep my attention. It could’ve been any princesses in the woods.  Mostly, it felt tired.  The Storybrooke side of the story is well done and I like it, but it’s more of a set up for things to come than an attention-getting, answer-giving episode we’ve come to love.

With that being said I’m very much looking forward to the next episode and am glad this one has been “put to bed.”

I’m watching. Are you?


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