Episode Date: 3.16.14

Episode Title: Struggle

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

As the episode’s title suggests, this week is a struggle for our characters, especially Emily. Emily is still dealing with these mystery black outs. It’s getting more dangerous for her since she almost gets Aidan killed.

Emily is coming unhinged, and attempts to kill Conrad. Gratefully, Aidan gets to Emily before she acts on her urge.  Nolan is smart enough to reach out to him, for her sake. Aidan is forced to take extraordinary measures to make Emily figure out the cause of her blackouts.  As he is torturing her, she recalls a buried memory that caused her so much pain her mind breaks down a bit.

As a child, Emily hides in the shadows on the night before her father is taken. Victoria sees her and gives her a look. Emily fearing for her father, sneaks down the hall to check on him and walks in on Victoria and her father, David, in the acts of love, and he screams at her to get out. David chases Emily down the beach. Emily screams that Victoria hates her. She doesn’t want Victoria in her life. He confronts her about how Victoria will be her mom, how they are going to be a family.

The part that haunts Emily is David gets his wish, she’s a Grayson now. She asks, her voice just above a whisper, why he doesn’t listen to her. It’s one of those moments that prove what an amazing actress Emily Vandercamp is. Her portrayal of Emily Thorne Grayson is nothing but brilliant.

Patrick is also struggling with a lot.  He’s dealing with what type of person his father is and how it reflects on him.  Who he is when he’s around his mother is another issue. He’s a man he doesn’t recognize, a man willing to commit murder.  Then he finally struggles with what he’ll do when a once in a lifetime offer from a respected artist comes along.  In the end, he decides to go, leaving Victoria a voicemail to say “goodbye.”  I’m surprised by this exit, but not upset.  I’m actually relieved because the storyline is getting old and I like seeing Victoria in Daniel’s affairs.  With Patrick gone, Victoria will have more free time to dabble in Daniel’s life.  In the end, both Victoria and Nolan conspire to get Patrick the apprenticeship so he’d leave and be the good man they know he is.

Victoria is struggling to keep her house but Stevie is doing her best to kick her out. No matter what legal way Victoria moves, Stevie is there with a counter move. It’s fun watching the two former Mrs. Graysons fight in this catty battle.  It’s really amusing.

The last person struggling is Jack Porter.  He meets his biological mother after living under the belief his mother abandoned him and Declan. The truth is Stevie Grayson is his mother.  He wants to give her a chance, but has been frequently hurt and lied to. After he talks to Emily, he chooses to give Stevie the benefit of the doubt and allow her in his and Carl’s life.  When he goes to talk to her, she admits why she left.  She’s a drunk. Since Jack is letting her in, we have to wait and see how it goes.

This is a really great episode. I’m glad they end the blackouts because it’s scary to think our heroine could be brought down by such a silly thing. It’ll be interesting to see how the show continues. What will Emily’s next move be now that she’s in control again and Daniel is tracking her?

I’m watching. Are you?


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