Episode Date: 4.6.14

Episode Title: Blood

Rating: I Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Quick summary: Margaux seeks a better relationship with Pascal. Emily and Aiden want answers, so they travel to his childhood home to search for the truth. Pascal and Conrad are at war with their companies. Mason Treadwell stirs the pot after Victoria visits him, making Emily have to deal with him.

Daniel plays a game of his own, and I’m angry about it. I hate how he is going about it. I know he’s right, that Emily is conspiring against his family. However, turning Charlotte and Margaux against Jack is just mean. Truth be told, I’m still holding a grudge against him for getting away with shooting Emily.

Victoria’s usual tricks are annoying, but I’m getting used to them. She’s constantly sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and thinks she’s right about everything. To a degree, she’s right, but I wish she knew who she’s dealing with. Part of me thinks she might roll over and let Emily win, because of her love for David Clark.

Poor Stevie! She has no idea what Emily did. She feels responsible for Mason’s death, leading her to drink. Jack takes her to L.A. so she can escape the Grayson drama and get sober. Stevie failing and getting drunk will probably be the catalyst for Jack to understand why Emily can’t stop her revenge mission. Daniel whispers to Charlotte about Jack working with Emily. While this is the truth, it forces Charlotte further into the Grayson side of the battle. I’ve always loved how Charlotte is in the middle of the battle. She’s Emily’s and Daniel’s biological sister, making her a shade of grey. I wonder if Emily could ruin her reputation if need be because she’s helping Daniel. Daniel pushes Charlotte to be more of a Grayson than a Clark.

Aiden has to figure out the connection between Pascal and his dead father. Nothing can be found electronically, so he only sees one way to find information. He and Emily travel to talk with his mother at her home. This trip is hard for Aiden because he knows things his mother doesn’t. He has to tell his mother the truth about her daughter, his sister. It’s hard to watch.

Aiden and Emily’s relationship is rocky at best, but their reconnection in this episode makes me happy. I wonder how long it will last before they fall back into a bad patch. They’re equals and I love it.

This is a great episode and I can’t wait to see the next one. I’m watching Are you?



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