Trophy Wife


Episode Date: 4.29.14

Episode Title: There’s No Guy in Team

Rating: I like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The dysfunctional family is back! Oh how I’ve missed Kate and all her family members. This show is the show that keeps me laughing. This week the laugh came by way of the kids’ personal journeys with the aid of a parent.

Hillary receives a bad grade on an art project and freaks out. Diane takes her to Jackie since she’s so “simple minded.” The good news is Jackie reaches Hillary by showing her some love and they continue to bond over art. It’s sweet. I loved watching Hilary and Jackie having fun.

Pete finds out Bert has been shopping using a credit card. Bert receives one in the mail and starts spending. He has no concept of financial responsibility or morality. Pete tries to teach him money isn’t given, it has to be earned. However, this concept is lost on Bert. Pete tries to teach him by making him do chores to earn money. However, Bert pays his friends to do the chores for him, so that he earns two dollars and pays his friends one. It’s comical watching this little kid basically act like the greedy adults we all know. I don’t think he ever really learns his lesson because he keeps using his friends to make money.

Warren’s journey starts with Kate. Kate is worried about his lack of a social life, so she suggests he join a team. Well, Warren isn’t the typical team guy, so he joins field hockey. Since field hockey is a female sport and being on the team would be committing social suicide, Kate immediately tries to get him to quit. She’s running off her own high school experiences and doesn’t take into account Warren’s happiness. For some reason, he loves field hockey and his teammates. At the end of the episode she realizes her mistakes and makes it right with Warren.

It’s a sweet, funny episode that proves this show has finally found it’s rhythm. If you read my reviews of “Trophy Wife,” you know I was worried for a while, thinking this was nothing more than another raunchy, trashy sitcom. I’m glad to see the heart is there, making it a funny sitcom I like. I’m watching. Are you?



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