Episode Date: 4.27.14

Episode Title: Revolution

Rating: Can’t Live Without!

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Marriage proposals….. Seeing Victoria happy:  it sickens me. Thank God that it doesn’t last long, in this episode. On the plus side Daniel and Margaux can no longer travel down the path of coupling.  I thought it might be on the horizon and I’m glad that at this point, it would be some twisted form of incest.

I love Emily’s latest game: Homeland Security agent. Watching her play Pascal is fun. This sets up the end of an amazing season. It’s a good play.

I feel sorry for Jack. I think his character has been through so much!

Emily congratulating Victoria is hilarious. I know Emily is slowly destroying Victoria and using Pascal against her, but it’s still a great moment, particularly the ending.

What is going on with Charlotte? Who is sending her those letters? Who is that guy? Why is he interested in David Clark? What’s the D.C. ring Jack picks up? Who has Charlotte? Is it the creepy guy or Emily?

Let’s talk about Pascal. He should stick with Emily’s plans. Instead, he goes to the roof with Conrad. Victoria is now after Conrad. When Conrad hears Pascal is dealing with the Feds, well he gets a bit crafty with his punishment. Daniel plays both parents and acts like a spoiled brat. Pascal is a beast of a different color, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What a way to go! His death leaves Margaux the CEO. It will be interesting to see how she runs things, especially since Daniel can play her so well. How easy will it be for Conrad?

Are things finally coming to a head? How will Emily get her revenge? I’m watching. Are you?


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