Episode Date: 5.4.14

Episode Title: Impetus


Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Kidnapping your half-sister takes dedication. I know Emily has been moving people like pawns on a chessboard since the pilot episode, but I’m with Nolan, questioning this move. I know Emily would never hurt her, but the trauma will leave an invisible scar. Using her in this manner might be too much. I appreciate that Emily is trying to show Charlotte the truth about the Graysons, but I loathe the way she’s doing it. I thought Jack’s disapproval would affect Emily, but only showed how much that she’s committed to this track. I can’t blame her but I keep wondering; How far is too far?

Jack’s action is noble and justified. However, I’m mad at him. How dare he?! I can’t believe he betrays Emily by letting Charlotte go. Next, we find out that’s Emily’s plan all along. I suppose I should’ve known because that’s how this show works. Info comes out, some huge revelation is exposed, but Emily is the one who does it, three steps ahead of everyone else. I’m amazed it still gets me every time. I’m glad that in the end, Jack is still doing what’s best for Emily. I know he still loves her, but doesn’t accept her ways of revenge.

Victoria is up to no good, messing with Carl. I know she’s just collecting DNA, but no. Babies aren’t to be touched. Victoria is bad because she has just enough information to be deadly. She knows Emily is hunting her family. She knows Carl and Charlotte aren’t relations and that the Fed Pascal talks to seems to not exist. She believes Conrad and Emily are the ones responsible for Pascal’s death. She’s grieving and out for blood. With everything on the line, she’s loose cannon.

I now realize the creepy guy from last week is someone who does Victoria’s bidding. He’s the one who brings her the DNA results. Why the letters? Why is he at the cabin in the woods doing Victoria’s dirty work, following up on the letters? Is he behind them? David Clark’s ring is in the cabin. Does that mean something isn’t what it seems to be?

Margaux knows Conrad is responsible for Pascal’s death. Daniel does too. Daniel is also responsible, since he’s the one who tells Conrad Pascal was talking to a Fed. I don’t know what she’ll do with that information, but I don’t think it’ll be good. She now knows about the terrorist actions. It’ll be interesting to see what trouble she causes over the next few episodes.

This detective is trouble, mark my words. Listening to Daniel is his first mistake. Digging around could cause trouble for Emily. He’s just not a good person to be snooping around. He’s most definitely trouble.

Emily Thorne has been working on her plan of revenge since she was carried out of her house by men with guns and placed in foster care. Her world is flipped upside down by the Graysons. I’ve always feared when she reaches this goal of clearing her father’s name. When I watched the last twenty minutes of this episode I held my breath. She does it! Using Charlotte, Emily broadcasts Conrad confessing it all to Charlotte, making the world see it. It’s beautiful, brilliant and befitting of Emily’s ways.

Emily VanCamp is what sells the ending for me. The look on her face when Emily Thorne hears Conrad admitting it all is priceless. VanCamp is an amazing actress. She plays Emily Thorne perfectly and I applaud her. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m watching. Are you?


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