Episode Date: 5.14.14

Episode Title: Memorial Day


Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Watching this episode is bittersweet, as was my live tweeting during the episode. Normally, gearing up for a season finale is exciting. Knowing “Revolution” has been unfairly canceled makes this episode hard to watch. You can tell it’s leading up to something big, something exciting and I’m almost 88% sure we’ll never see how it’ll end, since the show has been unfairly canceled. The only other cancelation that hurt this badly is the show, “Popular.” In that finale, two stepsisters run into a street with headlights barreling toward them, black out and scream. Never any closure and it’s maddening. T.V. shows create a story and when they end with no definitive answer, fans get angry. I’m holding onto the hope that Eric Kripke and other executives can shop the show around and relocate it to another network. I know NBC has to release the rights and that another network will have to want it.

Now onto the review:

After last week’s betrayal/new direction for Miles, Monroe runs away, with his son as his only companion. Within minutes of leaving Miles, Tom holds a gun to Connor. After a moment of the game whom will lower the gun first, Tom reveals Julia is dead. He wants revenge. He needs Monroe to take out the Patriots. With the team of Monroe and Tom, things are sure to get deadly. Neither man is known for their stability.

Rachel is obviously concerned that Aaron and Priscilla are missing and nobody has seen them for hours. Due to all the problems Miles and Charlie are dealing with, Rachel goes off on her own to find them. What she finds is troubling. A house in the middle of the woods blaring, “We Built This City.” Not a normal find in a world without electric. When Aaron answers the site he tries to get rid of Rachel, but she’s stubborn. She comes in and sees what the Nano is up to. Remember all those dead rats Rachel discovers? At that point, we didn’t know it, but the Nano is experimenting. The Nano wants to make humans complacent, content. They want them to stop “killing, orgasming like hairless apes”. We know the Nano has to succeed with the rays. In the rat room, they travel in a happy circle. She’s now testing on humans. When Nano-infused Priscilla searches for more subjects, we find Rachel attempting to destroy the Nano. I love Rachel in “science mode.” It’s so much better than “overprotective, we can’t kill anyone, mode.” She slaps Priscilla as a test, attempting to destroy Nanocilla. However, it fails and just angers her. Next week will be interesting to see how that battle ends. Since the whole show has been about turning the power on, destroying the Nano. Who will win? Will there even be a winner? Or will we be left with questions?

The train sequence is my favorite moment in the episode. From the moment they get out of the wagon and Gene complains of his aging back, to the moment Miles yells to blow the whistle, is fun. It’s action-packed and great to watch. Of course, the conductor they virtually kidnap to drive the train is hit with a ricochet bullet. Joe, the father of the Patriot Dillon whom Miles kills in Texas, has to take over. The language, drama, action and happiness at the success, is brilliant. Even the characterization of everyone is powerful. Gene is clearly capable of having a firearm, but it’s written all over his face that he doesn’t want to. Miles and Charlie are clearly finding the way in the guilt they feel. Being the good guys is helping clear their souls.

Connor and Tom have a conversation that I loathe. True colors shine through and it’s ugly. He knows Miles and Monroe are connected on this level and while Miles is living, Monroe can’t do what needs to be done to regain the Republic. This is further proven after Tom, Monroe and Connor stake out the stolen train. Tom attempts to kill Charlie, to avenge Jason’s deaths, but Miles wasn’t going to let that happen because he’s like a father to her. (Some fans believe he’s her father, due to the fact that Rachel and Miles hooked up many years ago.) Suddenly, Monroe can’t allow it either. Whether it’s allegiance to Miles or caring for Charlie, he also steps up to protect her. This Charloe moment made the fans who ship* Charlie with Monroe very happy.

The mustard gas is why Miles and Charlie steal the train and why Tom and Monroe steal it back. Here’s the catch: the gas isn’t on the train. The gas is in Willoughby, in the hall where all the townspeople are. Apparently, Truman has more backbone than I assumed. Apparently, he’s dealing with his job in a new way, by creating a Pearl Harbor type situation that will lead to a war. Miles immediately knows he has to try to save the townspeople and Monroe goes with him. Connor, however, refuses. He won’t be a part of the cavalry and that’s something that just doesn’t sit well with Monroe. However, he leaves his son, promising to deal with him later.

Poor, poor Marion. Finally, she’s on the right side, but helping Miles has cost her. After watching Truman in the meeting, she discovers the gas, and dies for it. That’s an ending I was expecting or wanting.

Next week will be a doozy. Miles, Charlie and Monroe try to end the Patriots. No matter how it ends, it will be heartbreaking. My own death won’t keep me from watching what NBC says is the series finale. I’m watching. Are you??

*If you don’t know what it means to ship a couple, don’t worry about it. It’s really isn’t a big deal to the storyline. It’s just the wish of fans.


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