Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: 4.6.14

Episode Title: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Rating: I Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

In episode 3×16, Zelena reveals her backstory and the town reacts in a big way. It’s a good episode, and if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Me, I watched it back in April, but life has kept me from writing the review. However, here are my views/opinions on “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

Finding out more about Zelena makes me understand her better, but doesn’t make the wickedness any better. Her mother, Cora, gives her up as a baby because she can’t give Cora what she wants most, a royal title. When Cora abandons her, Zelena conjures a twister. A couple finds her, the woman loves and wants her, but the husband didn’t, seeing her wickedness. Once the woman who raises her dies, the father is vile to her and makes her hate herself.

I know she’s angry because her father is a drunk; and her magic isn’t cultivated the way it was with Regina. I understand her jealousy but I don’t understand why she lets it control her. I hope it will be her downfall.

In the current time line, Zelena calls a show down between her and Regina. The town of Storybrooke is in a scramble to protect itself. While Emma and Charming try to plan, Regina takes to the woods with Robin Hood and is so full of self-doubt, it’s heartbreaking. Rumble wrote a letter to Cora telling her how he had found her oldest and how she is the most powerful witch of all time. While Regina has always thought this is about her and now knows it’s not. What’s most refreshing about this is for the first time, Regina isn’t alone. She has Robin by her side.

As the showdown begins, Regina seems to be a no show, infuriating Zelena. So she threatens the whole town, with The Dark One. It feels as if she’s using Mr. Gold (The Dark One) because she doesn’t want to do the dirty work herself. I wonder if she even can. Is she capable of death? When Regina shows up, she acknowledges they’re sisters. As the two battle, it’s clear they’re equal. Zelena might be stronger witch, but Regina is a smart, calculated witch.

I can’t help but feel bad for Zelena, watching her train with Rumble. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but she’s a woman who wants to be wanted, chosen first. However, she can’t identify with that desire. This is another reason why OUAT is a brilliant show. The characters are so dynamic and complex.

I loved the time spent in Oz in the episode. We’ve seen Oz in good and bad versions. However, OUAT did it in a good way. This is especially true seeing Welsh again, I love Christopher Graham! Knowing Welsh is a real person-turned-flying monkey makes it more believable that he convinces Emma to fall in love with him.

Neal’s funeral kills me. It’s a world of fairytales, so there’s some way he’ll be saved, right? Watching Henry and Emma during the scene is heartbreaking, but it’s so well done. Just the gravestone is shown, with everyone tossing dirt into the grave, Emma delivering the final scoop. It’s so full of meaning!

Another thing about this episode I love is the growing friendship between Hook and Henry. Knowing Hook is in love with Emma makes it sweet he wants to spend time with her son. It’s nice to see the softer side of Captain Hook.

This is another great episode in a great season. This might be one of the best shows on television. I’m watching. Are you?


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