Covert Affairs

covert affairs

Episode Date: 6.24.14

Episode Title: Shady Lane, 5×1

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

In the Season Five opener, it’s clear Annie Walker is no longer the fresh face from training, who is smart, talented and eager. She’s more jaded than ever. On one hand this makes me really happy, due to the character development. On the other hand, I dislike it. I love the phenomenal agent we were introduced to in Season One. While that agent isn’t technically gone, she’s changed and is lying to Auggie. I’m worried.

When we first see Annie in the opener, she’s comes out of hiding and meets Auggie outside of the office. However, after Annie passes the polygraph test, she immediately has to go into the field to figure out the problem du-jour. Khalid Ansari being on American soil and then what his being there mean.

Annie is at her best, putting the puzzle pieces together, seeing what the suspect doesn’t want her to see. This time, she doesn’t get it quick enough and her mission for the season is laid out: Find the Altan brother and those who are responsible for helping him and his siblings attack the CIA building in Chicago.

The Altan family attacks by using the CIA’s protocols against them and making the youngest brother, Mykola, a suicide bomber, after an arrest. It seems too easy when the find him and take him in. I was worried until Annie gets out of the car to see if she’s right about who is in the car, parked on the road. While I feel bad for those who died, and their families, I’m thankful we didn’t have to hold our breaths to see if Annie survives. Annie says it best, they are ahead of them. They know what they’ll do and how to best attack them.

Now, this is me just spit-balling, but I say the head of the security company is behind it all. It fits the show’s theme of power players moving the pieces. Examples of this are Henry Wilcox and Ryan McQuaid. I think he offers Arthur Campbell the job so he can use his connections. I feel like he will get close to them all and use them.

Now, seriously, let’s talk about Annie and the “spell” she had when she follows the Altan brother. Obviously, this has happened before since he has the drug that calms her down and calls the doctor to report her attack. I wonder if this is why she was gone for four months. Are these panic attacks are a result of Henry and his destructive behaviors in her life? I hate seeing Annie go through tough situations and not telling Auggie about it. No matter the relationship between them, she’s always let him in, and keeping him out seems wrong.

I’m happy with the way the season opened. There are secrets, mysteries and problem to work out. I was worried that after the Henry storyline, the show might dead-end. I’m glad to see the writers know what they’re doing. However, I wish they would let Auggie and Annie have each other, be a happy couple. I suppose there is more time for that.


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