Chasing Life


Episode Date: 6.10.14, 6.17.14

Episode Title: Pilot, Help Wanted

Rating: I like

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I’ve been hiding from TV lately, mostly because of an amazing family vacation. Also, my fall shows are on hiatus and my summer shows haven’t started yet. However, a new ABC Family show, “Chasing Life,” has my attention.

Thus far in the freshman season, April Carver has a broken family and is a hardworking journalism intern. Her sister has done bad things and her father is dead. Now, April, thanks to an uncle she hates, discovers she has cancer. However, she refuses to tell anyone and seek treatment.

I’m sure this isn’t a true-to-life representation of how a person can physically handle cancer, but I think the show has great potential. To be fair, it might appeal to me because April is seeking a career in journalism.

Meeting April in the pilot episode is fun. She’s the typical, prototype for the current twenties girl. She works her tail off in her low-quality, low-position job. She’s flirty, charming and ambitious. Her dedication to her job forces her to ask a person she said she’d never talk to, for help. She uses every skill she knows to try to break a story.

The blood drive changes everything. While her boss still won’t let her write the story, it’s the catalyst for the whole show. She faints, so her uncle runs tests and discovers her cancer. It’s the whole plot.

It’s a true pilot episode because we meet all the players. There’s the villain, Uncle George, love interest, Dominic, family, Brenna, mom, and grandma. There’s also the mystery. What secret is her dead dad keeping?

In the second episode, “Help Wanted,” April chases the story, ignoring her illness. She tells only her best friend, because she is the only one who can handle it. Uncle George pushes for her to seek the proper medical treatment, tell her people and take the next step. However, April feels like she doesn’t have to stop anything. Push things and never give up.

Watching April interact with her Uncle George is hard, but it’s supposed to be. They have a hard relationship. It’s awkward and distant.

Sister, Brenna, pushes the boundaries of the mom. There is a lot of typical family and work issues. I feel like this is supposed to be a good family show. It has a similar vibe to the 2004 T.V. show, “Beautiful People.” It’s a family of women struggling to find their paths, while facing challenges.

I’ll be watching the rest of the season because I’m invested, now. I need to know what will happen to April. How will she face her illness? How long will she keep her family in the dark? If you haven’t seen this show, you should check it out. The first episodes are available On Demand. I’m watching, are you?

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