Girl Meets World


Episode Date:  6.27.14/ 7.11.14

Episode Title: Pilot (Girl Meets World) / Girl Meets Boy

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I was itching at the opportunity to write about “Girl Meets World.” After being a huge fan of “Boy Meets World for so long, I wanted to give the spin-off a chance before giving my opinion on it. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, early praise or harsh criticisms.

I’d known about the show for months. I saw all the behind-the-scenes photos, and thanks to an amazing fan site, had a lot of insider information. I was worried about it being terrible. Thank God, “Boy Meets World,” creator, Michael Jacobs, is back. With Jacobs at the helm and my fears were eased. So, I, along with millions of diehard “Boy Meets World” fans, waited for the premiere of “Girl Meets World.” When it aired on June 27th I got teary-eyed as I watched Cory and Topanga deal with their daughter, Riley. I actually cried in the very last seconds, when Feeny appeared to Cory. Well, when Cory imagined he did. There were so many ties into “Boy Meets World,” even my daughter who has only watched the reruns with me, caught them.

The pilot episode was a typical pilot. We met Riley, a girl turned loose into the world. At school, we discovered her father is her teacher. We also met her friends, Farkle and Maya. She even took her first subway ride without her parents. I have to say, as a fan of “Boy Meets World,” I was impressed. From the opening scene, I felt the family connection and the emotions of being young. “Boy Meets World” was such a pivotal part of my life (yes I’m one of those who grew up with it), that “Girl Meets World” needed to feel the same, but independent. Anyone who tunes in can pick up on the themes and storylines. You don’t have to be a fan of “Boy Meets World” to appreciate “Girl Meets World.”

The second episode, “Girl Meets Boy,” was perfection. It was exactly what I expected. Yes, it’s guilty of being a cheesy, tween-driven show. However, it’s the one show on T.V. aimed at tweens that I’m okay with my daughter watching. This particular episode taught the lesson that friendship isn’t defined by the number of friends you have on social media, but real connections you make when you look away from the screen of your smartphone. We see Maya, Riley’s best friend, has an amazing drawing talent. It’s really important for the next generation to not only be entertained, but taught the important lessons of life.

Riley’s adventures are going to be amazing. “Girl Meets World” is an amazing stand-alone show, but as a sequel, I’m equally happy. I’m watching. Are you?


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