Rizzoli and Isles

rizzoli and Isles 2011 TNT promotional ad june 2011

Episode Date: 6.17.14

Episode Title: A New Day, 5X1

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Season Five opened with the best nightmare sequence I’ve ever seen. Jane chased what is assumed to be a suspect, only to walk into a nursery and see herself wearing her mother’s robe, holding a baby. Now that it’s confirmed Jane is pregnant, things are changing on the show. We now get to see Jane freak out on a whole new level. She’s terrified about becoming her mother; but personal issues aside, there was another body, meaning another murder to solve.

The latest victim, Susan Murphy, was brutally attacked while jogging with her baby. The baby also went missing. Babies have always been a soft spot for Jane, but now that she’s expecting, I’m sure this hit even closer to home.

She heads the investigation with a fierce fury. She wanted to know where the baby went. The ex-husband was the first suspect, but my first suspect was the ex-husband’s girlfriend. Since the ex’s girlfriend can’t have children, I thought she killed Susan to keep her boyfriend’s baby, so they can be a happy family. I like to attempt figuring out who did it.

Ray Murphy went nuts while waiting in the police department. I can’t blame him, but since his girlfriend, Caitlin isn’t there, I’m going to stand a bit firmer on my suspicion. This became more firm when Maura told Jane the killer was a woman.

The second suspect was a convicted sex offender who lived near the park where Susan often took the baby. However, he lead them to what I suspected from the get go. Jane put the pieces together and it lead to the arrest of Caitlin and Ray. They killed Susan so they could keep the baby. The way Jane broke Ray down was perfect. If you haven’t seen it, go find the episode for that scene alone.

While this story was solved, it wasn’t completely happy, At least the baby will be taken care of, since he got to live with his aunt.

Outside of the case, Korsak started dressing better, for a woman, everyone assumed. At the very end of the episode, he explained why.

Maura and Frankie have very awkward encounters with the word “hi” being used more times than what was appropriate. I can’t wait for that to be worked out. The awkwardness is annoying, at best.

Jane dealt with her feelings about becoming a mother and about Casey. Angela figured out Jane was pregnant and went to Maura. Poor Maura, she had no power to stand against Angela.

Early in the episode a young cop came looking for Frost, who was still “on vacation.” Jane said he’d be back the next day. Since Lee Thompson Young passed back in the filming of season four, I’m anxious to see how that will be resolved. The case was solved and things were all fine, with everyone in the same room. Then the episode took a depressing turn. Korsak received a call, and from the second he answered it, you knew what was coming next. How the writers decided to deal with Young’s character.

A car accident. They rushed to the scene where Maura pulled the sheet over a body. Maura looked at Jane and said, “There’s nothing you can do, he’s gone.” Words can’t explain the heartbreak I felt in that moment. Taking a step back and not feeling it, I have to say I’m impressed with how the show is handling it. Not some murder they are forced to solve, but a simple accident. It’s tragic, much like the death of Lee Thompson Young.

The next episode will be hard to watch, but I’m watching. Are you?


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