Rizzoli and Isles

rizzoli and Isles 2011 TNT promotional ad june 2011

Episode Date: 6.24.14

Episode Title: …Goodbye

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

It’s the episode I’ve been dreading since the announcement of Lee Thompson Young’s death. Watching the characters deal with the death of their partner and friend was so well done, it’s nothing but heart crushing.

No one wanted Jane working, because Frost was her partner. However, Jane is Jane, and she worked anyway, when Camille Frost, his mom, came to the police station. They talked about the funeral and how she never thought she’d have to plan the services for her son, because he was so young. Jane volunteered to take care of it.

If the death of Barry Frost wasn’t enough for Jane and team to handle, a young girl with no memory of herself came into the station and said she killed someone. I’m glad there is a balance for this episode, that it’s not just grief-filled. The team had something to focus on while dealing with Frost’s death.

Maura had to perform a live autopsy on the girl, and determined that she didn’t know who she was, because she suffered a mental breakdown. She blocked all information associated with the trauma. Maura named the girl Jessica because Jane Doe would be for the “less living” patients on her table. Jane and Korsak took “Jessica” around to different places to try to trigger her memory, and Jane saw Frost standing in the street.

Jane dealt with it in the moment, and had a breakthrough with “Jessica.” She remembered she is a preschool teacher. With that information, Frankie figured out the woman was Lily Green. Jane and team kept digging into the Lily Green mystery.

The case was different than most cases, which made it cool, but it was also more difficult than most. I like that this girl can’t remember. As the case unwound maybe it was better she couldn’t. They figured out what happened, Lily remembered, and they arrested the guy who actually committed the murder. Now that it was solved, it’s time to mourn the death of their friend.

The producers, writers, cast and crew didn’t write off a character, they lost someone they worked with, were friends with. They didn’t just have to mourn a character they had to mourn the man. I can’t imagine how difficult it was, so I congratulate each one of them, because they managed to do something incredible.

They gave a beautiful ending to Barry Frost. The funeral was perfect. I can honestly say I cried while sitting on my couch.

It’ll be interesting to see how they move past this. I’ll be watching. Are you?


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