Rizzoli and Isles

rizzoli and Isles 2011 TNT promotional ad june 2011

Episode Date: 6.24.14

Episode Title: Too Good To Be True, 5×3

Rating: I love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


On this episode of Rizzoli and Isles, Jane dealt with her pregnancy, more specifically who knew about it. Angela knew and Maura is the reason (to be fair, Maura didn’t stand a chance against Angela’s technique) and Jane was unhappy. However, it was another day and there was another murder.


This case was one that made me never want to answer any Internet advertisement. We started with seeing a man running in the woods, only to be shot in the chest. When he was found in the woods, the detectives discovered a rifle lying near the body, and a freshly dug grave. This told the detectives it was not a random act of violence.


As Jane and Korsak worked the case, it seemed like the killer was targeting men who have no connections and are down on their luck. After killing them, he liquidated their belongings and stole their identity. It’s a creepy case, but one they needed to solve because the killer murdered several people and he planned on killing again.


As the case progressed, they used a picture of the farm the killer worked at in order to figure out who they were. The killer got pulled over and when Jane, Frankie, and Korsak arrived, the suspect fled the scene. In pursuit, Jane took a flying leap and shot, killing him. Frankie got when she didn’t get up right away. The case, while creepy, was solved and Jane was fine, just had the air knocked out of her. They helped some of the victims’ family members find closure.


In Jane’s personal life, her whole family knows she is pregnant. She told Korsak, because she considers him family. The only other big thing is Korsak was given the task of replacing Frost. Jane was not happy about it. This episode felt more like the classic ones of the show. They are still grieving Frost’s death. The characters still talk about him, make reference to what he brought to their team.


I’m watching. Are you?



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