Girl Meets World


Episode Date: 7.25.14

Episode Title: Girl Meets Father

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I loved this episode! Maya struggles in school, Cory can’t handle Riley growing up and choosing a dance instead of riding the final run of the Coney Island Cyclone. The episode deals with parent and child relationships and it was great.

Cory’s and Auggie’s relationship is the most adorable thing in the world. It reminded me of Cory’s relationship with young Morgan, on “Boy Meets World.” I’m sorry. I’ll stop making those comparisons, I promise. However, the relationship is so cute and special! The whole “Auggie tells me stuff” is adorable when he hears what Riley has been talking to Topanga about. The super-spy upgrades are like pudding, totally sweet and never enough.

Both Maya and Riley deeply hurt Cory by saying there is nothing left for him to teach them. However, because this is a good family show, Cory doesn’t react with anger and continues to teach them. Topanga and Cory talk to the girls and lead them onto a path where they have learned something and have become a better people for it.

Maya failed a test and felt like he was saying she wasn’t worth the trouble of teaching. This hurts her, since her dad has a new family she’s not a part of. Cory took care of Maya like a daughter. He, Topanga, and Riley show Maya she is worth the time and they will always be there for her.

Topanga and Cory are amazing parents, and an even more incredible couple. The way they work together and understand each other is amazing and one-of-a-kind. Between the two of them, they solve the problems in the 30 minutes of the sitcom and the kids learned a lesson. They’re the guiding hands that have Riley’s and Maya’s best interest at heart.

What I really love about “Girl Meets World” is that I sit down with my husband and three children and each of us love the episodes. I don’t have to worry about cursing or storylines I’ll have to over-explain because it was too mature for her. I also love the characters. Danielle and Ben reprising their roles of Cory and Topanga is nothing short of brilliant, and Sabrina and Rowan are great as Maya and Riley. They have immense emotional range and great acting skills. They have made these characters people I care about, and that is another thing I love about the show. It makes me care. I’m watching. Are you?


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