Girl Meets World


Episode Date: 7.18.14

Episode Title: Girl Meets Sneak Attack, 1×3

Rating: LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

This episode was one that felt original, but there were still obvious “Boy Meets World” connections.

Auggie is “growing” up, because he’s “this many” now (holding up five fingers) and he has a new best friend.  It’s really sad for me to see a sweet little boy who doesn’t want to wear his favorite jammies anymore, because I relate to Topanga and don’t want my baby to grow up. The storyline was so sweet! The new best friend was a girl, Ava, from down the hall.  When Ava came to visit Auggie, we find out she’s “this many.”  Ava is six, so she thought she could tell Auggie what to do. So, she told Auggie to give her his Mr. Googly doll.  Topanga had to put her foot down, and sent Ava home.

Riley had to deal with the fact that other girls liked Lucas.  The core group was Lucas, Farkle, Maya, and Riley. Now, there is another girl, who wants to date Lucas, named Missy.  Riley didn’t want to deal with this.  She likes Lucas, but she’s not old enough to date.  Then Riley humiliated herself by attempting to bop Lucas on the nose, and accidently put her finger in it.

No matter how weird (and she’s super weird) and out there (because she’s out there), Riley is a good person. She says what she thinks. I was super proud that Riley told Lucas flat-out she didn’t want things to change, and she didn’t know why.  I respect that so much, because so many girls have been told they can’t say what they want.

In the end, Lucas told Missy he wanted to be friends, not a boy who dated.  I think this is very important for the youth of the world.  Lucas, Farkle, Maya and Riley decided they wanted to still be kids and not grow up too fast.  Riley then taught this lesson to Auggie.  He then went back to wearing his Mr. Googly pajamas and ran around like a five-year-old.

The thing about this show is the lessons are taught in a comical way.  Riley had to learn girls will do mean things to each other over a boy. The writers also teach a great lesson that kids should be kids, longer.  I hope the current generation hears that message.

Outside of the messages and other good things for the generation today, this show is comedy gold, in my book.  There are so many funny moments I can’t even begin to write them all down.  One of my favorites though, is when Maya called Missy the bulldozer in the pink sweater.  It’s just really funny material without being dirty, sexual or hurtful.  It’s nice to see that on TV again.  Raunchiness has its place, and I’m glad that it’s not on “Girl Meets World.”  I’m watching. Are you?


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