The Fosters


Episode Date: 6.23.14

Episode Title: Take Me Out, 2×2

Rating: Like, a lot.

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

I enjoyed this episode because like all the others I’ve seen, there was drama hyped up for TV, but a realism of the way the world works.  People fight and are mean, hateful.  It’s like a snapshot of society today, and I really appreciate that.

In this particular episode Brandon struggled with his identity outside of playing the classical piano.  Brandon wanted to have a surgery that could fix his hand, or damage it greater.  This made him angry with his parents because he wanted to have his hand back to normal.  When Marianna, Jesus, and Callie go to an all-ages show, Marianna convinced Brandon to drive them.  This was where Brandon met a band that needed someone to play the piano.  It helped him realize he could have a part of music and love it.  He also met Lou and immediately, the audience realized this girl could be a potential love interest.  She’s off-the-wall, crazy, exciting and totally hates Brandon. It will be fun to watch it play out.

Callie had to deal with the fact that Robert Quinn didn’t believe she is his daughter and required a DNA test.  This upset her.  Callie also had a customer at work who repeatedly left big tips, in the form of one-hundred-dollar bills.  I knew this guy was either up to no good, or her father.  I bet on the father side of things because she’s had enough creeps in her life.  After he didn’t show up at the DNA testing, she looked for him online, and found out Robert Quinn was the man she met at the restaurant. Yep, totally called that one!  When he came back to the restaurant, she tore into him and rightfully so.  I hate that she gave him the five minutes he asked for. It complicates things.  I do love the casting of Robert, though. It took me back to the days of “Dawson’s Creek.”  However, I felt so badly for Callie. She was just trying to make it in life and get a fresh start, but everything seemed to be difficult.  Nothing could go smoothly for her and to me, that’s just not fair. Robert couldn’t give her the family she wanted. He had to give her a letter from his daughter, Callie’s sister.

After an outing with his friend to the batting cages, Jude dealt with his feelings being hurt.  Conner’s dad saw Jude’s arm on his back and forbid him to see him.  This hurt Jude because hearing a person’s judgment is difficult. Plus, Jude has this wonderful heart, and the way he sees the world is refreshing.  Jude’s a good person and shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Lena applied to be the principal at Ocean Side, and Timothy, the sperm donor for the baby she is now carrying, is leading up the team that will interview her.  To make matters worse, Timothy had declined to sign the donor agreement and said he wanted to be a part of the child’s life.  Obviously, the tension is there between the two who used to be friends. It’s hard to see Lena so upset, though she had every right to be mad at him. He went back on his word. There were other issues, this time between Lena and Stef. Stef made a choice without consulting her. She talked to Mike and they made a choice about Brandon’s hand. She thought Brandon had the say whether or not his hand was operated on, again.

Stef worked on the disappearance of Ana, the twins’ biological mother.  She believed Mike might have hurt her.  She talked to Dani about Mike falling off the wagon.  When Mike confronted her about “pumping Dani for information,” it’s clear both are upset.  It was also clear Mike might be hiding something.  It got more complicated when police found a body behind the halfway house that Ana had been last seen at.  Did Mike kill Ana? Knowing he was drunk made me wonder if he could have done it. He was drunk and angry, so it’s possible. I hope he didn’t, for Brandon’s sake more than anything.

The episode really kept the tension and stress high, but did it in a way that’s not constantly reminding you of it. Life is the same way, and I love that the show is a snapshot of it. I’m curious to see how Callie handles Robert and her sister, who wants to meet her. How will Brandon deal with his secrets and hand? How will the twins deal with the high school drama their lives are plagued with? How will Jude deal with Conner and how others see him? How will Stef deal with Mike and Ana’s disappearance? I’m watching. Are you?

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