Episode Date: 9.29.14

Episode Title: Driven, 7×1

Rating: Love

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

“Castle” has been hit or miss.  Not in my dislike for it, but rather if I’m going to watch it or not.  In fact, I completely missed the season finale.  I know they were getting married and something was going to happen, but I didn’t know what happened or how it would affect the new season.  So when I finished watching one of my guilty pleasures (“Dancing with the Stars”) and it started, I was like, “Okay, I’ll watch.”

The first few seconds had me hooked. I don’t think I could have stopped watching if I wanted to.  Watching Beckett cry and try to reach into the car whilst in flames, was heartbreaking.  I can’t explain it any other way.  Stana Katic is amazing.  Her emotions seeped from the screen and permeated into my living room. Her feeling the need to do something resonated with me.

So here is the case of the episode: Castle was grabbed and the detectives have no idea why. It was clear that something terrible happened.  An SUV banged his car, drove back and forth, as seen by a roadside fruit salesman.  Castle wasn’t in the car as it burned, but as Beckett pointed out, it could be anyone for any reason.  Once the FBI got involved, all I could think about is the fact that Agent Connors is the actor that plays Kevin on “General Hospital.”

I understood the need for Beckett to act out her stress, but the way she treated that thug wasn’t something I enjoyed.  I can’t really say it’s completely out of character, but I do know I didn’t like it.  It seemed too brutal. I know it could have been worse, but still.  I was glad she was called on it.

As the details started to come in, it appeared this case had connections to the mob.  Apparently, there is a Jersey mob guy who had the thug from the junk yard crush the SUV. Why? A client needed it done.  So who was the client? Well, it appeared to be Castle himself.  Why would Castle do this?  Now it’s just a, “Crap, I’m confused.” moment.

Obviously, a lot of questions are running through my mind: Is Castle really in on this?  Is there more to this?  Does he not want to marry Beckett?  Agent Connors thought Castle did this and there wasn’t anything more, but I knew there had to be. Beckett agreed with me and wouldn’t let it go.  Time passed.  In TV when time passes, there are only a few correct ways to do it, and this episode did it beautifully.  It used newspaper clippings to mark the time.  It was sad seeing Beckett collect these clippings, but it was a good use.

After two months, Castle was finally found, in a boat.  How weird was that? He was 80 miles off the coast of Delaware, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  How did he end up there?  Well, that answer wasn’t quickly forthcoming, since Castle was unconscious.

I loved how Beckett was like a madwoman on the hunt for him, but she froze when she saw him.  That was kind of an emotional moment for me.  I wanted to know what happened to him.

Esposito’s and Ryan’s bickering match that Beckett overheard was intense, but Beckett was right. Until they knew what was going on, they had to treat him as a victim. The three detectives go to work.

The evidence was staggering. It really did seem like Castle was mixed up in something bad.  Another witness, Henry Jenkins, said he saw Castle camping on the beach.  Castle’s tux, watch, shoes, fingerprints were all there, as well as newspapers. However, he never tried to get help.

It looked like Castle just walked away from his whole life, all the while saying he didn’t remember what happened after the car crash.  Beckett lost faith in Castle, and honestly, I think I did, too. When Beckett questioned him, he was confused.  He demanded to see where this alleged tent was set up.  When they got there, nothing sparked his memory.

That’s when things got even more complicated. The witness, who claimed to see Castle camping, disappeared and was replaced with the real Henry Jenkins, in the last five minutes of the episode. Who was the imposter?

Is this a set up or is this Castle leaving and coming back and lying to the people who care about him the most?  I lost my faith in him, but he’s talking a good talk.

This mystery changed everything.  This was a great way for the season to start.  I like the mystery that has been set up, and the hunt for the truth.  I hope they don’t drag it out too long.  That can’t be all this season is about. I’m watching. Are you?


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