Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD


Episode Date: 9.23.14

Episode Title: Shadows

Rating: LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Let’s flashback to Season One.  When the show was first being advertised I personally thought this show was going to be fun, exciting and entertaining.  What I did not expect was that I’d fall so in love with it that I’d end up being a webmaster on it’s fan site.  That was something I never saw coming.  But it wasn’t the only thing I wouldn’t see coming.  I wouldn’t see the ending of the season two premiere or the devastation that would creep into my heart about it.

Yes, Agents of Shield broke my heart.  No it wasn’t the death of guest star Lucy Lawless.  Nor was it the broken relationship of SHIELD couple skyward.  Coulson visible stress wasn’t enough to do it either.  What broke my heart was Fitz.  At the end of season one we only knew he was alive.  I think a comatose Fitz would have been an easier story than the one I watch unfolded on 9/25 2×1 episode.  But easy isn’t what the writers have in store, easy isn’t what we love.  But more on Fitz later.

I knew the flashback was going to be a part of the episode, I didn’t know that it was going to set up the enemy for the time being.  As the Kraken was introduced in the flashback as original SHIELD agent Peggy Carter with Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita infiltrated the last Hydra camp that they knew of.  Their team took charge of artifacts that Hydra was using in evil ways.  Dr. Whitehall was taken into custody.

I loved this scene.  There was just this look of pride on Peggy’s face when she said this was the last known Hydra facility.  Like she’d finally closed this chapter, and avenged Steve.  I hope that is the kind of work we can expect from Agent Carter.

Then the showed jumped to current day.  Where a darker Skye appears in the midst of a  mission.  Her, May and Trip are watching Izzy and Lance Hunter but intelligence on a level ten artifact. But before the deal could be completed a third party interfered with deal and killed former shield agent Browning.

I won’t lie, I was confused for the first few scenes.  Who’s good? Who’s bad?  The answers weren’t very clear.  Maybe this was on purpose, to show how the world is changed for Coulson, and the team.  But it quickly becomes clear that Izzy is loyal to Coulson. So, she’s alright in my book.

This sets up the storyline for the episode, the team chasing the artifact and looking for the third party.  Quickly we learn that this third party is Carl Creel, aka absorbing man.   He can take in any material and become it to do with as needed.  This makes him an opponent that is a huge challenge.

I’m sure by now, we’ve all watched the episode a few times now, so we all know what happened.  But I have to say I loved the relationships; both the old and the new.  Especially Coulson and May; they work so well together.  I was taken by surprised when Izzy grabbed the artifact from the beginning of the episode.  I wasn’t expecting for things to turn so badly so quickly. I also didn’t expect Coulson to seem to not care.  When they went into the facility to retrieve it, they also had a mission to get the plane.  When Izzy became compromised he ordered the team to continue on the mission.  I really loved this character growth  between agent who didn’t have to make the hard choice, but the right choice and director who had to make the hard choice, no matter what is right.  The team was able to get what they needed, but at a price.

Skyward was reunited for a few brief moments.  I loved and hated these scenes.  I hated seeing how low Ward has fell.  Hearing him describe how low he’s felt and what he’s done to himself.  I hated seeing this couple that I loved last season stand there and just be so cold with each other.  I loved the emotions that the scene made me feel.  The fact that Skye’s face fell when she saw his scars. But he stiff defense against his love for her.  I loved how May was so against it.  That she was being a momma bear.  I also loved that when it was over I wanted more.  Especially when he made the comment about Skye’s father.

Talbot is the only other thing I want  to talk about, before Fitz.  I loved the way Coulson played him.  First I really got a kick out of George Stephanopoulos cameo.  I watch him every morning on GMA and to see him on my favorite show was pretty great.  But Talbot is one of those characters that you love to hate.  Him and Coulson’s interaction in the “honeycomb kill” room was nothing short of brilliant.  Because they used him and made him give them exactly what they wanted.  It was awesome.  My favorite part was when Coulson was literally putting words in his mouth and said, “Talbot out.”

The whole episode we see Fitz with Simmons while no one else seems to speak to her directly, there is nothing really off about that.  A lot of the team refers to them as one.  Its only at the end when Coulson is doing his narration, when it’s revealed Simmons isn’t there, that she of doing something else. That is when my heart shattered, poor Fitz it’s broken, hallucinating Simmons because he needs her so much.   I didn’t cry, but I wanted to.  That was so sad.  Coulson says Fitz  was too badly damaged and when Simmons left he was just broken.  I don’t know how this will turn around, but if they can bring Coulson back from the dead, they need to be able to fix Fitz. End of story, I can’t take the heartbreak any longer.

Overall, I loved the episode.  There was action, shock, heartbreak and some really comical moments.  The end is what sealed the episode for me.  The voice over provided by Coulson, just really showed the “shadowdy” season.  I’m looking forward to the next episode.  What are your thoughts?  I’m watching are you?

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