Agents of SHIELD


Episode Date: April 7, 2015

Episode Title: Afterlife, 2×16

Rating: I LOVE

Recap and Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

That hour of television was spectacular.

Right off the bat; here are the things I didn’t like:

If that confuses you. I’m saying I there wasn’t thing that made me scream at the TV while watching it. SHIELD has upped its game in a big way.

At SHIELD headquarters, Robert has May as a prisoner? Questioning her about Coulson, her loyalties, and he wasnt’ very nice about it. I don’t know how May didn’t bash his head in when he called her the Calvary. But he didn’t. After Bobbi suggest taking a different tactic with her, he offers her a spot on the board. That was the smallest of the whiskey tango Foxtrot moments. Like I don’t trust you, I’m single handily breaking about your family, but join me. We’ll have fun. Seriously.

Robert, Mack and Bobbi all need Fitz and Simmons to work on opening the box that Fury gave Coulson. Simmons almost immediately decides to help. No, take that back, she offers to help after Fitz she’s he leaving. But that apparently was all in her evil genius plan. When Mack shows Fitz what Simmons has been up to, he immediately sees something. I recognized that. Mack didn’t. Next thing we know Fitz is really leaving. He confronts Simmons about her betrayal and handles the box. I somehow knew he’d swapped it. I was so glad when I saw that I was right. Because after he had packed up and left, we see him the cap and it’s very clear that he and Simmons were in cahoots and that is wonderful. I love that they have been able to reunite in the face of the new SHIELD.

Coulson and Hunter are also in cahoots. Except that is going a bit differently than either of them had planned. They steal a car, and then go to the HULK cabin in the woods. That is where they figure out what has happened to Skye. Which just hurts Coulson. I feel bad for him. All his life he’s done what is right and good. He’s been a loyal SHIELD agent and now it’s all fallen apart because Robert — who is an annoying man, great actor though — think he’s some kind of danger. But Coulson is a man with a plan. He called for reinforcements and then hits an alarm to send for SHIELD.

I have to say that bright spot of the episode and what had me laughing was the card game. I loved that trick. Also that he has a modern-day Howling commandoes kit. Seriously, where can I get one of those. I mean I don’t have HYDRA or fake SHIELD chasing me down, but it’d be cool to have.

After a few missteps and an unexpected surprise, Coulson’s backup — Deathlok shows up. Mike is back! That is awesome. I love seeing him on the good side of things. And between the three of them are able to get away. But I’m not sure where they can go to really get past this. But we know who they are seeking out–the bad option– Grant Ward. I’ll be glad to see Grant again, but seriously, Coulson is desperate if he’s going after Ward.

Now the main part of the story in 2×16 and the part most were excited to see was the Skye storyline. While it was interesting I’m still in a disbelief that this is how it’s playing out.

Being in a place, where no one knows where they are, who have to ask permission to speak to others outside. It’s weird. It’s a weird place. Then there is Luke Mitchell’s character, Lincoln. I wanted to like him. I wanted to trust him but right off the bat he lied. He lied to Skye. He didn’t tell her the full truth. He made it seem like Raina was far, far away. When that was not the case. I did love the scene between Skye and Raina. They should fight more often. But the best part of their little spat was the bombshell that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

SKYE’S Mom is ALIVE!!!!! What??? I thought Whitehall left her dead and in chunks. But no. There she was. All put together and alive. But not telling Skye their relationship. Which did strike me as funny. Though there was a heavy-handed hint. It was still odd that she didn’t say who she was. I’m sure more of that will come to light in 2×17. But seriously. Who just sees their daughter for the first time in YEARS and is like, cool, stay maybe?

I think this inhuman story has a very large well of info and things that we are just tapping into. I am curious to see how it will play out, connect into the movies, and resolve on the SHIELD. It will be interesting to see.

Those are the big things on the show, the things that I can remember and impact me in my extremely exhausted self right now. What did you think? What do you thing will be next? Let me know what you think?

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