Girl Meets World.


Episode Date: May 11, 2015

Episode Title: Girl Meets Gravity

Review and Recap

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Last night was night one in the season premiere week of Girl Meets World. It was probably the most profound episode that the series has had. In it, Riley is narrating along with showing scenes. It was a new format but a really good one. I wouldn’t want that format every time; but it worked on that episode.

Personally it was hard episode, I somehow guessed what was going to be the ending. In Girl Meet Gravity–Mrs. Svorski, Cloris Leachman character, told Topanga that she needed to make changes to the bakery. That it was her turn, to make it new and breathe fresh life into the place that she so loved. This seemed minor to the plot. Just a way to make the bakery a place to see her more. Riley and Maya are wanting to claim their independence and are fighting to get away from Cory as their teacher and their mothers being in their lives all the time. They are wanting to be kings of their lives.
There are some very great scenes of them in a different classroom where they are the side girls not the center of the room. They are funny and special and that is why I love the show. But what made the episode and made me cry like a baby was Mrs. Svorski passed away. The narration that Riley was giving was a speech at the memorial service. She ended it with making the point that your family is your gravity. It is what hold you together.

It was a profound message that is important for every generation. That is what I love about GMW and BMW they teach the hard lesson. They say the right things. I love this show for that. I can’t wait to see what tonight’s lesson is. The week-long event is awesome. Make sure you tune in tonight. And if you missed last night’s you need to watch it.


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