Pretty Little Liars


Episode Date: 6-9-15

Episode Title: Songs of the Innocence

Review and Recap

*Warning Contains Spoilers*


Pretty Little Liars has been most excellent in its season six.  I’ve always looked at this show as a guilty pleasure.   I considered it a teenage show that I would watch to keep me young or something like that.  I’ve always liked it because it’s witty and well written.  I never know what is coming (I’m sure if I read the series I’d have some better idea) but I’m always surprised.  I’ve become emotional at TV shows in the past, but never PLL, until this season.  This season there is something special about the show.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But there is something different: and it’s wonderful!  Episode 6×1 these liars were still trapped in the dollhouse.  They were being tortured for three weeks and we didn’t see how.  We just know that when they were let out of their rooms, they were changed.     They were broken in a new way.  But they pushed it and worked very hard to get out.  While I was super annoyed that they started the fire, it provided their way to escape.  The way the writers and editors weaved the scenes together was almost poetic.  It was just a bit of magic.


In episode, 6×2 things have been amped up.  “Songs of the Innocence” seemed to really focus on how these girls are reacting to being back in reality; being out of the doll house.  Each girl seems to be reacting differently, which is only natural, but from Hanna’s way of destroying her room to Aria’s lie to the officer; it’s been an interesting hour of TV.


I was emotionally effected in the last ten minutes of the show.  Seeing how all the girls are reacting.  How they are coping.  I was surprised by my reaction, knowing how I’ve always seen the show, but it really touched me seeing how hurt they were.  I hurt for them.   Spencer’s reaction to the lack of sleep was normal.  I understood why her mother decided to withhold the medication for anxiety.  But I sort of hated her for it.  Her stealing one of Aria’s I saw a mile coming.  I can’t say I know what I’d do in the same situation.  But I wanted her to feel safe to sleep and be relaxed.     But I have to say that Mrs. Hastings redeemed herself when she took Spencer to watch the movie, to be with her.  Watching Caleb hold Hanna while she slept was just perfect.  Then when Ms. Marin sat vigil with them, I teared up that moment.  It was a moment that I loved.


One thing about this show that I’ve always silently criticized was that the parents are never there.   But this episode they were; the parents where there and they were guiding their girl.  Being there anyway, they could be.  I really appreciated that.   I really adored the fact that they were trying to understand, that they are clued in for the first time in forever.


Now the one liar I haven’t’ really talked about is Emily.  I don’t care what side of gun laws you stand one.  If you think we are country should or shouldn’t have.  I think if I was put in that situation, my reaction would be the same of Emily.  I would want to take any fear out of my life.  I would want to be able to protect my loved ones and myself.  Since Emily had that background in firearms and firearm safety, it made sense for her to react in that way.


The one big revelation in this hour was that Andrew Campbell was the mastermind behind it all.  That he was arrested.  But at the end of the episode *Spoiler Alert* the girls don’t really believe that it was him.  I’m sure that he plays some part of it.  But Andrew does not equal Charles.  So the new question becomes where Charles is.  In addition to who is he and why is he doing this?


Another thing about Charles is when Allison asks her father about him, he straight out lies.  With no confusion or anything, it’s a complete and utter shut down.   So next week when that starts to get flushed out, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


I’m watching, are you?

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