Rizzoli and Isles

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Episode Date: Face Value

Episode Title: July 21, 2015

Upcoming Episode Information Roundup

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

For the July 21st episode, what I know is what the press release says.  Family coming into town while trying to solve a murder with an eye witness who can’t recognize the killer.  Sounds like just another day in the neighborhood for Jane and Maura.  Should be an interesting episode.  I can just envision the look Jane gives when they realize their eye witness can’t confirm the killer.  It promises to be full of an eye roll.

“Face Value ” – Tuesday, July 21, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LV

The good news is we have a witness to a murder. The bad news is he suffers from Prosopagnosia, commonly known as facial recognition blindness, and he can’t recognize the killer. The Rizzolis prepare for a visit from their scheming cousin Carlo.

Directed by Steve Clancy
Teleplay by Sam Lembeck
Story by Alicia Kirk

Here are all the titles for the upcoming episodes. Seems like there might be some exciting cases:

  •  Episode 6.11 – Fake It ‘Til You Make It
  •  Episode 6.10 – Sister Sister
  •  Episode 6.09 – Love Taps
  •  Episode 6.08 – Nice to Meet You, Dr. Isles
  •  Episode 6.07 – A Bad Seed Grows

Now we have the promo for the up and coming episode.  It seems like Jane and Maura have a huge problem since they have a very high profile case: Art.  Art always bring out the people with money and it’s always problematic.


Make sure you tune in Tuesday, July 7th at 9/8C on TNT.  


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