Pretty Little Liars


Episode Date: July 14, 2015

Episode Title: No Stone Unturned, 6×6

Sneak Peekm Promo Photos

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

First, let start off with the promo photos for this episode.  I know that at least one point in the episode I’ll let out a scream, why? The rat in the photo.  Even knowing it’s coming when it appears  I’ll shriek because I hate that no good animal.  Just saying.

139495_0053_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 139495_0103_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery 139495_0215_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

Though what I do like about these photos is that the liars are finally somewhere that may hold a few answers.  Even if it completely disgust me out.  I want to know who is behind the “A” mask this time.  And more importantly why they are doing it.

139495_0329_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery139495_0441_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery139495_0575_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

Now, onto the sneak peeks.  Well over the last few days these sneak peeks have been coming out.  Here are all four that I was able to find.  I have to say that I’m excited for Tuesday’s episode.

I sort of feel bad for Mr. DiLaurentis but only a little.  Because he’s lost so much, but it seems like he’s brought it all on himself.  But I can’t help but wonder why he freaks out so badly on Emily.  The running theory is Charles is coming home.  So things are going to be heated, if that is the case.

Spencer has a new idea of who Charles is, and it’s Lesli Stone.  She has solid reasoning, and a good point.  What do you think, is A/Charles   Lesli?

I’m worried though for Hanna and Caleb.  Their relationship has been strained and I’m afraid it doesn’t bode well for the young couple.  As we can see in the sneak peek, Hanna is pulling away.

All I can say is I still don’t trust Sara.  But this scene makes me feel so badly for her.  She was forced to be Ally for far too long.  It has taken it’s tole and the girl just wants answers.  I hope she can get what she’s seeking.


Make sure you watch Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, July 14th at 8/7C.  


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