Once Upon A Time


Episode Date: September 27th

Episode Title: Dark Swan

Season Premiere  Promo

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The beautiful thing about ONCE UPON A TIME is that every season it’s a new concept within the show.  And this new one has me more excited than any other previous ones.  Emma as the dark one will just be fun and exciting and I can’t wait for it.  These short clips and promos and sneak peeks have me screaming.  I’m not kidding, scared the kiddos when the sneak peak was over, when I let out my woo-hoo of excitement.

I’m mostly going to focus on the sneak peek.  My question is will after the scene ends, will there be any sort of time jump?   Or will we follow the full path of Emma into the darkness.  Seeing her sacrifice herself for Regina, her family, the greater good.  It was breathtaking.  But now it’s just going to be fun to see how bad evil is going to be.  I’m excited to see where she’s went.  But at the same time, I’m heartbroken for Hook.  He loves, truly loves Emma, and now that’s she’s evil, what will that mean for him.  Will he dive into evil again?  What will happen.

All I know is I’ll be watching, will you?



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